Substrate Moisture Sensors & Program

New Fertigation Manager™ Program for Soil Substrate

The New Substrate Moisture, Conductivity (EC)  and Temperature Sensor program is a complete wireless sensor package that allows you to place numerous wireless sensors through out the greenhouse and allows you to average several sensors readings per zone to determine when to irrigate.  A moisture level set point is set for each one of 10 Fertigation programs.

If for example, the EC readings in the substrate bags is too high you can reduce the fertilizer feeding on the next irrigation cycle to flush out unwanted fertilizer salts in the grow bags.

If for example, the temperature is too high in the grow media, you can switch to a lower temperature water source or turn on a water chiller to cool the water.


The wireless sensor controllers are strategically placed in

the greenhouse so that they all transmit data to the host receiver over a mesh network. Each Controller acts as transceiver and a repeater to form a reliable communications network.


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Example of a Mesh Network