Ozone Treatment System

Climate Control Systems In. is now manufacturing Plasma Ozone panels for air and water treatment systems.     We provide complete filtration and sterilization systems for commercial water treatment applications. 

We provide onsite Oxygen generators to produce pure 92% Oxygen to produce maximum Ozone output.      The Ozone provides sterilization of the collected water in greenhouse hydroponic crops.  After sterilization the water is checked by our computer control program and corrected for EC, pH, re-balance the fertilizer nutrients  with our Fertigation Manager program and the water is recycled back to the crop.  The ORP/Ozone meter monitors the amount of Ozone in the water and automatically maintains the required Ozone level to destroy bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

The Fertigation Treatment Systems combined with the Ozone generators, Oxygen generators and automatic back wash filters provide a complete low maintenance solution to water treatment and recycling.

The system can saves greenhouse growers 40% on fertilizer costs and 35% on their water costs. There are other benefits with the oxygen delivery to the plants root system through the irrigation water helps improve root health and crop yields.  


The Ozone water treatment systems can be used for any water sterilization and is very cost effective in sterilizing  reclaimed greenhouse waste water. Ozone is an Oxidant for bacteria control in NFT systems, Drip irrigation, Food processing plants, Aquaculture, Meat processing plants, Food storage facilities, Fisheries and Hospitals only to name a few applications. For more information please contact Climate Control Systems Inc. e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.