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Here’s a peek into the advanced features of Fertigation CS2

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Sneak Peek 1

PPM-level Control

The next step in the evolution of fertigation. Powered by our advanced algorithm, and developed in partnership with the Harrow Research and Development Centre and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, it features precision nutrient recipe management at a parts per million (PPM) basis, to deliver the exact nutrients at the precise stage of plant development to maximize crop yield.

Feed Recipes Rev 1

Precision Nutrient Formulas

Our next-gen fertigation system allows growers to use PPM based nutrient formulas, enabling them to set precise feed recipes to the crop for increased yields. We are very excited to share this feature with growers. Proud of our team and partners, Dr. Tom Papadopoulos, Shalin Khosla, and the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Harrow Research Development Centre who helped in this development.


Leveraging 36+ years of data

Released in 1985, the original Fertigation Manager represented a quantum leap forward in fertilizing and irrigation technology. We’ve continued developing our processes and the algorithms behind our software since then. The Fertigation Control System 2 represents almost 4 decades of refinement and growing data so your crop has 36+ years of real-world experience to draw from.

Our systems can.

  • Help growers maximize crop yields
  • Save money on labour through advanced automation
  • Lower energy, water, and fertilizer costs
  • Manage water treatment and recycling
  • Help growers meet environmental regulations

Growing smarter for over 35 years

Contact Climate Control Systems to put our more than 35 years experience to work on your business. Whether you’re looking for automation for indoor farming, fertigation, or water treatment, we have a solution that can be custom built for you based on our decades of data. Contact us today for a free assessment of your needs.

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