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Fertigation Manager ™
is a computer controlled fertilizer injection machine that offers some of the latest computer technology with advanced software and instrumentation. The software program allows the user to set up multiple fertilizer recepies for various flower and vegetable crops. You can irrigate according to time schedule, solar accumulation Wm2 and root zone moisture levels. The Fertigation Manager can irrigate up to many different crops with each having their own feeding formulae with one centralized Fertigation machine.


The Fertigation Manager™ will automatically mix different fertilizer formulas from one set of fertilizer stock tanks. Premixed fertilizers can be very expensive as compared to mixing your own fertilizer formulas with the Fertigation Manager™. The system uses multiple fertilizer injectors to blend the different fertilizer recipes. In the case of where the grower has multiple crops each crop is assigned its own fertilizer recipes. With the power of computer control, formulas and irrigation schedules are simple to program yet powerful enough to achieve maximum yields.

The Fertigation Manager™ uses electronic or pneumatic injectors are specifically selected for computer control, which are very reliable, and long life injectors therefore the Fertigation Manageris designed to deliver many years of trouble free performance.

Fertigation Manager™ is available with 3 to 12 injectors per system with water flow rates from 200 LPM to 2,000 LPM. (50 GPM 500 GPM). The basic systems are available with up to 16 irrigation valves and are expandable to control up to 200 irrigation valves per system.

Ozone Pro Irrigation Water Treatment System

Save 30% Water costs and 40% fertilizer costs by using the Ozone Pro Oxygen and Ozone Water Treatment System by collecting and recycling the run off irrigation water. Our water recycling program includes a special programs for treating collected irrigation water. The program allows you to condition water for desired EC, pH, and Ozone/Oxygen before it is sent to the Fertigation Manager™ for further fertilizer treatment. The Ozone water treatment system will destroy any bacteria and pathogens in the collected irrigation water. Consult our technical staff on utilizing this water recycling program. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information for your specific requirements.


Computer Remote Access

The Fertigation Manager™ - Climate Manager™ - Ozone Pro computer systems can be connected to a Local Area Network for access from other computers within your network. It can also be connected to the Internet for remote access. The programs are all accessible from any remote computer via Ethernet or Internet with your assigned password. Using built in advanced communications software you can easily access the programs and manage your greenhouse operation from any remote location via internet or radio links. With the power of computer technology you can keep in touch with your greenhouse operation 24/7. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.