Climate Manager

The Climate Manager™ the Ultimate in Greenhouse Automation.

New Computer Technology to Control your Greenhouse Environment.

Climate Manger screen on tablet

The Climate Manager™ is a process control computer capable of measuring and controlling heating and cooling, vents, fans, Co2, boilers, lighting, shading, heating on-off valves or modulation hot water valves.

Most climate computer technology are dependent on one central PC computer. The Climate Manager™ works with multiple micro-computers, strategically located in various panels throughout the growing operation to give you a true expandable network of controls.

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Control the Environment from any Computer

Consult with one of our technical support team specialists on how it can best be used in your growing operation.

Climate Control Systems greenhouse computer

Main Screen Display

  • Outside weather conditions, solar, temperature, wind and rain conditions
  • Temperature and humidity conditions in all greenhouse compartments
  • CO2 Levels in each greenhouse compartment
  • Displays all vent positions, louvers positions and cooling fan activity
  • Temperature, humidity, heating and venting control
  • Fan, CO2, HID lighting, shading, fog and pad control
  • Irrigation and misting programs with VPD (vapour pressure deficit)
  • Configure up to 16 Climate zones which can be expanded with additional panels for a total of 32 Climate zones
  • Multi-staged heating programs for hot water, steam and forced air heating
Climate Manager main screen display

Complete Environmental Control Programs for Your Growing Facility

Climate Manager Enviormental Control
  • Simple easy to use software programs for raising vegetable or flower crops
  • Remote access from any computer or smart phone
  • Heating and cooling programs for hot water, steam or hot air heaters
  • Day and Night Humidity programs
  • CO2 programs for gas burners, CO2 boiler recovery or liquid CO2 systems
  • Lighting, shading and pad programs
  • Outside weather conditions are used to influence the various programs

Irrigation Software Programs

  • Irrigation and misting programs with 5 start time intervals with solar start
  • Irrigation and misting programs up to 32 valves each
  • Program allows pairing of irrigation and misting valves in groups of 2 each
  • Solar Radiation program
  • Steam and hot water programs for heating irrigation water
Climate Manager Irrigation software

Complete Control from any Remote Location!

The Climate Manager™ gives you the ability to access your environmental control computer anywhere, anytime, to check conditions and make any necessary changes.

Complete Environmental Control Programs for Your Growing Operation

Climate Manager main screen display

The Climate Manager™ can be configured with the following Sensors & Control Components and it’s custom designed to the Grower’s requirements.

The Climate Manager™ will accept the following sensors

  • 16 aspirated temperature and humidity sensors
  • 16 Hot Water temperature sensors
  • 16 CO2Sensors
  • Control up to 32 vent motors
  • Control 16 solar shade motors
  • Control 16 thermal shade motors
  • Control up to 96 cooling fans
  • Control up to 16 Co2 valves or burners
  • Control up to 96 grow light programs (HID & LED)
  • Control up to 16 high pressure fog programs
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