The most Advanced Greenhouse Fertigation Systems & Technology.

The #1 Computerized Feed Management and Irrigation Control in the industry today.

The Fertigation Manager™

The Fertigation Manager™ is a greenhouse fertigation machine that offers some of the most advanced computer technology with all inclusive software and instrumentation.

Growers depend on these fertilizer programs to irrigate flower and vegetable crops on a daily basis and according to weather conditions.

Our fertigation system allows the grower to produce excellent flower, vegetable crops, all with one centralized computer controlled irrigation machine.

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Fertigation Irrigation Greenhouse Computer

Compatible with Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets!

Our Technology will work on both the Windows and Apple platforms as well as smart phones and tablets.

Greenhouse Computers

Greenhouse Computers & Control Technology to Automate your Greenhouse Operation

  • Manage Water and Fertilizer Usage
  • One Central Machine for Multiple Crop Feeds
  • Customized To Your Needs with Sensors & Injectors
  • Modular Design for Easy Replacement of I/O Technology
  • Fully Expandable to Continue to Grow with your Greenhouse
  • Updates and Upgrades to Software Versions
  • Latest technology for substrate moisture sensing with conductivity & temperature monitoring and control.

Greenhouse Automation Technology

Save Energy, Water and your Growers Time!
Invest in Greenhouse Technology!

Save  money on fertilizer and water usage by treating and recycling the waste irrigation water!

Greenhouse Grower Technology

Greenhouse Irrigation Machine

A Fertigation Manager for Every Crop!

The Fertigation Manager™ is available with pneumatic electronic injectors that are software controlled. It is built to deliver many years of trouble free performance. Insist on the Fertigation Manager™ to manage your crops irrigation requirements as it is an industry leader born out of the Harrow Research Station for Greenhouse Technology.

The Fertigation Manager™ is available with 3 to 12, injectors per frame with water flow rates from 20 LPM to 2,000 LPM or (50 GPM to 800 GPM). This fertigation system comes with controls for 16 irrigation valves and is expandable to control 48 irrigation valves.

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The Most Advanced Greenhouse Fertigation Machine

The Fertigation Manager ™ was originally developed in Co-operation with Agricul-ture and Agrifood Canada and support by the National Research Council of Canada. Because of its unique design it was awarded Canadian and US Patents and have won enviromental awards for its water convervation and recycling.

The current version of the Fertigation Manager ™ has gone through many improvements in hardware and software features. We continue to strive to meet customer demands for diverse application for commercial greenhouse fertigation systems.

The Fertigation Manager ™ is a precise fertilizer management system that allows you to create many different fertilizer feeding formulas for diverse Hydroponic crops. It is specifically designed for Hydroponic Flower and Vegetable crops and recently has been well accepted among Medical Cannabis growers.

Fertigation Manager ™ is now a key component in our engineered water recycling system in conjunction with the Ozone Pro water sterilization system. It provides a complete turn key water collection and recirculation system that saves the grower up to 40% water and fertilizer costs. Since the system recycles 100% of the fertilized irrigation waste water it meets all required environmental regulations for commercial greenhouses.

It gives us great pleasure to know that the Fertigation Manager ™ is helping growers to save water, fertilizer, and energy costs which in turn improves grower revenue and at the same time it protects our precious environment that surrounds us.

In conclusion, we have taken great care in producing the most advanced greenhouse fertigation systems in the market today for commerical growers.

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