Add 35 years of experience to your business

Contact Climate Control Systems to put our more than 35 years experience to work on your business. Whether you’re looking for automation for indoor farming, fertigation, or water treatment, we have a solution that can be custom built for you based on our decades of data. Contact us today for a free assessment of your needs.

    Fertigation Manager

    Fertigation Manager Reduced Fertilizer and Irrigation Costs

    A better way to feed your crop

    Reduce fertilizer and irrigation costs and increase your crop yield by maximizing control of the irrigation and feed process with customizable feed formulas you can manage and control from the comfort of your office computer or mobile phone.

    Greenhouse Enviromental Control Computers

    Climate Manager Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs

    A better way to manage your crop

    Reduce heating and cooling costs by having full control over all vents, shading, lighting, misting, temperature and humidity. Manage all options from the comfort of your office computer or mobile phone.

    Greenhouse Ozone Water Treatment Systems

    Ozone Pro Reduced Costs While Preserving the Environment

    A better way to keep your crop safe

    Reduce watering costs without contaminating the environment. Our Ozone Treatment System collects the run off irrigation water from the crop and sterilizes it before re-injecting a feed formula back into the water and sending it back out to the crop.

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