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If you are using Hydroponic Drip Irrigation , Get Better Feed Control with our Greenhouse Automation Software & Machinery.

Modern technology is advancing everywhere in the world today and that should include automating your hydroponic irrigation systems for your greenhouse operation. There is no field that technology can’t penetrate and commercial greenhouses is one of those areas where technology has been on the rise.

In the recent past, people who were operating a high volume greenhouse often found it hard to plant and monitor their crops effectively across all acres. There are many challenges that you can face while growing crops year after year and trying to stay productive. Numerous conditions such as water, light, humidity and overall plant health will need to be optimized, and any sign of lack of in these areas will lead to negative profit margins and crop loss.

For example, the humidity and temperature of the greenhouse must be regularly checked and the crop must always be regularly feed due to the internal environment. Assuming you are doing this manually and you have more than 100 acres of greenhouses to monitor? It would be challenging to say the least, and at one point, it would become completely impossible.

This is where Greenhouse Technology comes in, and our Automated Hydroponic Irrigation Systems come in and save you a lot of time, energy costs and ultimately avoiding any delays in production.

Greenhouse Irrigation Software & Machinery

Hydroponic irrigation systems

Produce More with Hydroponic Irrigation Systems

Some of the most reliable and successful greenhouse growers today are investing in automating their operation and hydroponic greenhouse systems. These systems make significant improvements to the efficiency of production and also plant yield. When a greenhouse computer runs irrigation, each and every plant gets a consistent amount of water making the crops much more resilient and healthy. Consistency in irrigation also reduces plant loss caused by stress induced by delivering irregular or inconsistent amounts of fertilizer or water.

With greenhouse automation, it is all about finding what is right for you. Each and every fertilizer injector machine is custom made to your greenhouse operation are usually equipped with any where from 3 injectors to 12 injectors. The durable components are connected to 16 valves (to start) that control the flow of irrigation, yet you may request an expansion at any time and both the software and controls allow for large commercial growers to be accommodated with ease.

Real World Commercial Greenhouse Equipment

Hydroponic Irrigation Controllers Vs Our Greenhouse Automation Equipment

Let me do a little breakdown of commercial greenhouse equipment and what you should expect from the best in world class greenhouse automation.

Your current greenhouse irrigation system may be connected to your water supply or water tank reservoirs for your fertilizer feed system. Somewhere along the way you are probably mixing fertilizers into your water line and out to the crops. The problem with this system is that a lot of hand mixing or individual injectors are all being manually controlled and there is no central location for multiple feed formulas to be produced or any way for the actual irrigation to be monitored in a sufficient way.

With our world class greenhouse automation systems, you can create up to 10 feed formula programs with up to 48 irrigation values for multiple crops. You can monitor your water usage and set trigger set points when you feel the plants would need more water. As an example we have soil sensors set up on a wireless mesh network  that would communicate back to the central greenhouse computer to trigger an irrigation when plants get too dry for instance. We are also monitoring Water Flow, EC and pH of the water and ensuring that the right nutrients get absorbed by the plants to ensure growth. The end result is you get a better production system and a large increase in yields for any crop benefiting from our software.

There is also reduction of plant loss that is caused by excess fertilizer, over watering or disease. It probably happens more than most growers like to admit, but keeping irrigation timers on too long or a broken irrigation valve (all monitored by our system),  can cause major harm to the crop.

Commercial Greenhouse Growers can start to rest easy knowing the right amount of water and fertilizer is getting out to the crops daily and you are saving serious money on labor, fertilizer & water expense. You just need to invest in the right kind of greenhouse automation system. The perfect balance of fertilizer, EC and pH is all managed by the system, and this is where automation truly helps you stay in line with what the crop is looking for enhanced growth.

Ask yourself what is the right move for your greenhouse and make the right decision. What counts are the results you’ll now get from the crop after installing the system. The best hydroponic drip irrigation systems are the ones that are not complicated to use but offer amazing technology and deliver great results.

Our automation systems are created for large-scale growers but anyone can learn to run them as they are simple to operate.

Automation Technology for Your Greenhouse

Hydroponic Drip Irrigation

Automation Technology is swiftly changing the face of agriculture and especially in the greenhouse industry where there is more demand for water conservation and staying profitable. The farmers who are embracing greenhouse automation early have experienced reduced labor and energy costs, increased production and good crop quality for a better market price. There is even flexibility in running our greenhouse irrigation systems to better manage commercial operations and multiple crops at the same time and monitor them effectively even from your smartphone.

Greenhouse automation was first adopted by larger growers because of the significant reduction in production costs. However, small to medium sized producers are today realizing the need to automate even on a smaller budget. If you look at the overall costs that will be saved by using these greenhouse automation systems as compared to your current expanse costs, it is a great investment through time. The ability of installing a greenhouse irrigation system or doing greenhouse automation is not limited to big growers as we customize each system to your farm. If you need some expansion at a later date, no problem we can increase how many zones the software can handle and we have never seen an operation out grow our system yet. It is a great advantage to the growers to focus on business as the machine takes care of their crops.

Climate Control Systems Inc. has come up with an automation system that fits growers perfectly, because we are greenhouse growers. The system comes with internet access making it easier for you to checkup on your crops even when you are not inside the greenhouse. The system has a mobile app meaning you can keep an eye on the plants from your smartphone. Ease of use here also includes mobility. You don’t have to be always near your greenhouse operation to keep it running smoothly.

For your crops to do best inside the greenhouse, you have to make sure that all the required conditions are met specifically and consistently. There is no way you are going to do irrigation manually with inconsistent amounts of water and fertilizer then expect the crops to do best. As with irrigation we also created The Climate Manager to help control the greenhouse environment. With both the Fertigation Manager and Climate Manager installed in your greenhouse, all aspects can be managed easily and set points & Triggers are programmed in the software system for complete control over your Greenhouse environment. You only have to adjust it slightly, and your crops are fully managed at all times.

Hydroponic Irrigation Systems

With these new greenhouse automation systems installed, everything becomes much easier and more efficient. The greenhouse climate stays optimized from severe weather conditions and increases plant health by optimizing Co2, lighting, misting, shading and humidity. The greenhouse irrigation system also protects the entire greenhouse from under or over watering and balances your feed formula to the crop ensuring the proper fertilizers amounts and pH balance. If something goes wrong, the alarms will notify you immediately so you can make quick adjustments. This gives you the freedom to not to have to be at the greenhouse yourself at all times.

The most important aspects of automating a greenhouse are controlling the internal greenhouse environment, automating drip irrigation and recycling your water to increase water conservation. Each one of our greenhouse automation system has been custom designed by Climate Control Systems and the Harrow Research and Development Center for Agriculture ensuring your success as a grower for over 30 years.

Each of these serves a different but significant purpose that enables your greenhouse to stay optimized and produce quality yields at every step of the growth process.

Technology is swiftly changing the face of agriculture and especially in the commercial greenhouse industry. The farmers who are embracing greenhouse automation have experienced reduced labor and energy costs, increased production and good crop quality. There is even flexibility in farming in that you can handle a number of greenhouses at the same time and monitor them effectively even when you are far from the physical location. Vegetable Growers, Flower Growers and the new Medical Marijuana Industries are all looking at our technology to ensure they have the top crop and are growing efficiently as possible now and in the future.

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Greenhouse automation was first adopted by larger growers because of the significant capital gains. However, small to medium sized producers are today also realizing the need to automate even on a tight budget. If you look at the overall costs that will be saved by using greenhouse automation systems as compared to the capital gains, it just makes sense. The budget of installing a greenhouse irrigation system or doing greenhouse automation is not limited to big growers. It is an inexpensive entry that gives farmers more free time while the machine takes care of their crops.

Just choose the right system for your operation and let the system take care of the rest, choose proven technology that has been tested by hundreds of growers. Contact Climate Control Systems for your Hydroponic Irrigation Systems.