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Alfa Tech Singapore
Alfa Tech Feature Thumb

Client Feature Report
Location: Singapore
Installation date: 2021
Industry: Plant Research
Crop: Research centre (NUS)
Website: ace.com.sg

Rochester Farms
Rochester Farm Feature Thumb

3 Year Product Report
Location: Rochester, Washington, USA
Installation date: 2018
Industry: Cannabis Grower
Crop: Cannabis
Website: rochesterfarms.com

I would just like to say how impressed we are with your staff and customer service.

We had a few issues dialing in our Climate Control Fertigation System and the response from your programmer and technicians was Top Notch!

After a very informative video chat with Andre and Ian, we were able to get a lot of clarity on a few important parameters that we were setting up incorrectly. After having Andre remotely access our system and show us a few tips and explain a few of the settings, our product quality is substantially better and we are feeding at a more consistent level than ever before.

We love the system and appreciate everything you have done to ensure the best results and ease of use possible.

Thank you all for everything,

Image001Robert Cambell White, MÜV Enterprises

Our staff uses the wireless capabilities of the fertigation manager.  My staff has the applications loaded on their tablets.  They prefer to trigger the fertigation manager while they are in the grow rooms.  They save time and energy by not having to walk from the grow rooms to the irrigation room.

Anonymous, Maryland Cultivation Manager

Our team uses many fertilizing recipes.  In a fifteen week grow cycle we feed our plants a different combination and concentration of nutrients every week.  This is next to impossible mixing the nutrients by hand and hand watering.  Keeping track of the recipes is easy on our fertigation manager.  There is no need for premixing or storing any of the feed mixtures.  We simply program the machine and it creates the recipes.  It makes a complicated task easy and allows us to spend our time on other tasks.

Anonymous, Las Vegas Grower

I enjoy the wireless capabilities of the equipment from climate control systems.  On some days it is difficult to schedule a visit to my growing operation.  On these days it is reassuring to check on the status of our operations from my home.  This gives me peace of mind on the rare day when I go in to the grow.

Anonymous, Grower

Our growing facility operates a fertigation manager.  Before the fertigation manager was installed, I spent 80% of my time working on watering and fertigation tasks.  With the fertigation manager, I have reduced the amount of time spent on these tasks to 20% of my time.  With this extra time, I focus on product quality and other tasks increasing value for our operation.

Anonymous, Las Vegas Cultivation Manager
We are finding the CCS remote soil sensors very useful.  With the current coco medium they are doing wonders in helping us keep the water content/EC at the right levels, this was always a challenge on a day to day basis.  We can see improvements in operation since commissioning.

Moving forward they will be great in working with different mediums for both commercial grows and R & D, helping to dial in conditions for the different strains we are working with.

Aqualitas logoGreg Chambers, Aqualitas Inc.

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