Project Description

The New Air Pro™ Dry type compressor is a durable custom made system with CCS-71R/72R Series compressor that offers oil-less operation to ensure the discharge air remains free of contamination from lubricants. A compressor for maximum flexibility and its quite operation makes it ideal for noise sensitive environments like medical, dental and laboratory applications as well as hundreds of industrial applications. In addition, this pumps rugged motor shell and simple field serviceability extends the life of the product and maximizes uptime.

Air Pro Compressor

Air Dyer

Every membrane dryer has to pass our rigorous testing requirements before it will be released into service. You can be confident that every dryer will perform as advertised. Our AS9100 certification meets the exacting requirements of the global aerospace industry for quality management systems.


Industrial grade

PRISM PE membrane dryers are designed to handle industrial production loads. Pressures up to 13.8 barg (200 psig) ensure that your air production requirements will be met. The solid construction

is a perfect match for remote and severe-duty installations like oil platforms and mining operations.


Passive technology

The selective permeation technology uses a passive system with no moving parts. This simple system allows you to engineer more reliable products that can be deployed in a wide range of environments, including mobile systems.


Simple start-up

PRISM membrane dryers are easily commissioned. Simply apply clean, compressed air, and production

begins. No break-in period, expensive media, or complex equipment to manage and maintain.



Weighing only 0.7 kg (1.6 lbs), the PE1020 dryers are easily handled by one person, making installation and field service simple.


Air Pro Compressor Specs:


  • Power 1/3 – 3/4 hp ( 0.25 – 0.56 kW )
  • Max Flow (50 Hz) 3.3 cfm ( 5.5 m3/h )
  • Max Flow (60 Hz) 4.5 cfm ( 7.7 m3/h )
  • Max Pressure (50 Hz) 100 psi ( 7.0 bar )
  • Max Pressure (60 Hz) 100 psi ( 7.0 bar )
  • Max Vacuum (60 Hz) 28.0 in-Hg ( 65.0 mbar abs )
  • Weight 17 lbs ( 8 kg )
  • Min Temperature 33.8 °F ( 1 °C )
  • Max Temperature 104 °F ( 40 °C )