Project Description

Greenhouse operations are heavily dependent on irrigation water especially when it comes to greenhouse hydroponics crops. In many cases  Municipal water is very expensive and contains Chlorine and other chemicals which is not beneficial to the hydroponic crops. In the summer time the municipal water can also be too warm for hydroponic crops affecting plants to wilt or cause deceases from warm water in the root zone. In these cases it is more desirable to use well water or pond water. Well or pond water can be easily filtered and treated before it is used for irrigation. Often the water may contain unacceptable levels of undesired elements and in many cases high levels of bacteria. Climate Control Systems offers a complete program for water filtration, Ozone sterilization, and reconditioning the irrigation water for pH, EC and dissolved oxygen. Our Plasma Ozone water treatment technology is specifically designed for treating irrigation waste water for substrate greenhouse crops.

We offer a complete water treatment solution without using any chemicals. With our high tech sterilization systems you can control Algae, Bacteria, Pathogens and Viruses in irrigation water.