Air Pro Compressor


The New Air Pro™ Dry type compressor is a durable custom made system with CCS-71R/72R Series compressor that offers oil-less operation to ensure the discharge air remains free of contamination from lubricants. A compressor for maximum flexibility and its quite operation makes it ideal for noise sensitive environments like medical, dental and laboratory applications as well as hundreds [...]

Ozone Pro Water Treatment System


Greenhouse operations are heavily dependent on irrigation water especially when it comes to greenhouse hydroponics crops. In many cases  Municipal water is very expensive and contains Chlorine and other chemicals which is not beneficial to the hydroponic crops. In the summer time the municipal water can also be too warm for hydroponic crops affecting plants to wilt or cause deceases from warm water in the root zone. In these cases it is [...]

The Climate Manager™


The Climate Manager controls your greenhouse during cold winter and hot summer months.  Temperature, humidity and Co2 is accurately controlled inside the greenhouse to your set points during the day and night. The environment inside the greenhouse is very dependent on the weather conditions outside the greenhouse. The Climate Manager™ program takes into consideration outside weather conditions, such as solar radiation, [...]

Fertigation Manager


The Fertigation Manager ™ is a computer controlled fertilizer injection machine that offers some of the latest computer technology with advanced software and instrumentation. The software program allows the user to set up multiple fertilizer recepies for various flower and vegetable crops. You can irrigate according to time schedule, solar accumulation Wm2 and root zone moisture levels. The Fertigation Manager can irrigate up to many different [...]

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