Get your time back by implementing an automated greenhouse system in your commercial operation. Greenhouses protect your plants against harsh conditions and help your indoor growing environment be monitored and controlled at all times. You may not realize the impact of outside factors on the greenhouse structure. Different plants thrive in various circumstances. So, it can be difficult to hit the right balance of light, C02, temperature, humidity, irrigation, etc… it is quite the balancing act.

That’s where an automated greenhouse systems comes into play. 

Using Greenhouse Automation Systems for Successful Growing

Gone are the days when a grower had to depend on farm labour and do everything manually inside the greenhouse. Now, you can install greenhouse automation solutions to maintain the desired temperature and humidity while taking care of the lighting and irrigation too. What’s more, all operations can be monitored and controlled via a central climate control computer.

Here’s how you can use greenhouse automation systems to turn your regular greenhouse into a smart greenhouse:

a) Create the Right Environment for Plant Growth.

Crops respond well to optimum growing conditions. To tailor the internal environment within the greenhouse for those that are best for growth, you can use greenhouse automation systems. The external influences that can harm or stunt plant growth and truly jeopardize your crops.

b) Water the Crops Properly and on Time.

Manual watering of flowers and vegetables can be a hassle, as you can end up overdoing it or not supplying sufficient amounts of fertilizer. You may also miss the right time. However, with a fertigation manager, you will not only be able to schedule the watering of the crops but avoid inconsistencies.

c) Monitor the Water Run-Off. 

Water run-off  (leachate) is an essential indicator of your crop’s health. It can be controlled and maintained with the help of ozone purification and water treatment. That’s where automated greenhouse systems equipped with the right sensors comes into the scene. These sensors measure the the water quality (E.C. & P.h. ) data so that you can analyze and check your plants main source of food.

Greenhouse Automation Systems

There are three major types of greenhouse automation systems produced by Nebula. Each of these can help you monitor and control your greenhouse environment in a different way. The fully automated hydroponic greenhouse systems are as follows:

a) Fertigation Manager

Fertigation Managers are designed with trademarked technology. The advanced computer is equipped with software, sensors, and instrumentation to help growers experience the convenience of a centralized irrigation arrangement to be controlled with a computer.

This fertilization computer can increase crop yields with the help of its improved hardware and software used for diverse applications. It offers management solutions for using fertilizers to handle various feed formulas and an effective water recycling and conservation arrangement.

It works in conjugation with the Ozone Pro system to recycle fertilized irrigation waste and save water, fertilizer, and energy costs. This helps to improve your revenue. Altogether, the fertigation computer will help you optimize the irrigation facility for your greenhouse without harming the environment.

b) Ozone Pro Water Treatment System

The Ozone Pro Water Treatment System is the ideal device for providing clean water to plants in the greenhouse. It purifies irrigation water so that it can work in tandem with fertigation managers to provide fresh water for irrigation. It sterilizes irrigation wastewater, so it can be used in irrigation.

Ozone Pro offers purified irritation solutions by taking wastewater. It removes bacteria and pathogens, so it can be used for your greenhouse irrigation. It enhances maximum ozone production in the water by infusing pure oxygen. This allows customization to suit your needs. Thus, by recycling water, it can help save 30% of your water usage and shave off 40% of the costs of fertilizers.

Sterilized water with dissolved oxygen is also good for your crop growth. In simple words, Ozone Pro takes used irrigation water, sterilizes it by removing impurities and microorganisms, and infuses it with oxygen to give you clean water that’s healthy for your vegetables and fruits. This water can be reused in your greenhouse irrigation with fertigation management systems.

c) Climate Manager

The Climate Manager is an advanced computer-controlled mode of climate control that helps growers in measuring and monitoring the greenhouse climate. It also helps control heating and cooling systems like vents, lighting, and shading, fans, etc. So don’t worry about winging it with intuition-based climate control systems. You will have a multi-computer arrangement for everything.

Unlike most other climate control systems, Nebula’s unique solution has multiple computers instead of a centralized one. These microcomputers are placed in different zones around the greenhouse for a network spread out around the greenhouse. This gives you complete control over the different aspects of environmental management within the greenhouse.

With the help of the weather control programs of these systems, you can enjoy remote access to any computer in the greenhouse via your smartphone. The greenhouse automation software programs can control the heating and cooling of the water and air in different zones. You can control the temperature and humidity levels during day and night, as well as CO2 systems.

Advantages of Using Greenhouse Controls

The benefits of automated devices for a greenhouse grower. They control the processes in the greenhouse with the help of advanced technology and sensors to monitor the growth method and necessary data. These are the perfect solutions for decreasing your manual effort.

a) Round-the-year crops:

With the help of environmental controllers, you can create the optimal conditions for growing seasonal flowers and vegetables throughout the year.

b) Suitable conditions for every growth stage

Each crop has a different set of climatic requirements at every stage of growth, and automated greenhouse environment controllers help with that.

c) Improved quality and yield

Harmful environmental elements like harsh temperature can be detrimental to your flowers and vegetables. So, automated systems offer physiological protection to better growth.

d) Controlled pests and diseases

In the enclosed environment of the greenhouse, automation systems can boost the effectiveness of pesticides and kill diseases and pests faster to protect the plants.

e) Greater safety

With the opportunity to monitor the greenhouse remotely at all times, you will be able to ensure that your vegetables and flowers – and the greenhouse, in general – are secure at all times.

f) More efficient resource solutions

With the help of high-end technology like hydroponics or fertigation, there can be reduced usage of fertilizing products and different resources.

g) Decreased cost

With a higher performance of useful resources, the quantity of the products gets lowered, thus having some of your costs, especially in water and energy bills.

h) Reallocation of human resource

Since you will have higher control over the operation, temperature, environments, and more, you can reallocate your team and use their expertise in areas that need attention.

i) Protection against extreme conditions

Be it heavy rains, extremely high temperature, or too much wind: weather conditions can harm plants. But the automated controller can prevent that.

j) Ensures comfort

Automated controllers turn your greenhouse into a smart greenhouse. These installations allow customers to monitor and control everything via WiFi using their smartphone.

Final Words

With automated greenhouse operation systems, crop growth inside the greenhouse will become much easier. It will help cut water, energy, and labor costs. While monitoring everything from lighting to CO2 levels, from solar radiation to soil moisture becomes easier, resource management becomes more convenient to increase your productivity.

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