Nowadays with modern farming, it is important that a crop gets enough nutrients, along with water, as per its standard required feed everyday and at every stage of its growth. In the past, growers used to irrigate with water manually by mixing in fertilizer based on their pre-written schedule. But with new version of FertigationPro Software which comes with Fertigation Manager, it is possible to enter the schedule for any crop starting from scratch/seedling period to the final stage completely within the software.

Fertigationpro Autorecipedatetimedayscheduler

Grower can enter 20 different recipes in the software and schedule 5 recipes for one grow zone based on different date range, time range and also based on particular days of week. These new features in the software give growers the upper hand to schedule crop growth based on the scheduler, and software to ensure irrigation with fertilizer based on its schedule without missing any cycle. A grower can sit back and relax while watching the machine, with confidence that the software will automatically select the right recipe for the particular crop at particular growth stage, and feed it to the zone when the correct date, time, and day of week comes. Below are the listed advantages growers can expect to get from using fertigation manager with this new software.


  • Saves more than 90% of grower’s time compared to manual irrigating zones one by one.
  • Scheduler takes care of  which recipe to run based on which date by taking consideration of time and day of week, so 0% error.
  • Grower can also user separate water content and solar sensors to trigger irrigation cycle along with scheduler, which is reliable and taking care of all the factors in the green house.
  • All the stages of any crop starting from seedling to finish can be programmed once and software will take care of everything, so improved efficiency in irrigation.
  • Software gives different alarms and software control based on events of high or low conditions like Flow, EC, pH, Temperature, Pressure before catastrophic failure.