Automated Irrigation Systems for Marijuana Crops

Imagine a fully automated marijuana grow system


Cultivating marijuana in a greenhouse allows a person to bypass a lot of manual labor tasks like hand watering, by use of an automated irrigation system for marijuana or cannabis crops.


Greenhouses offer all the benefits of outdoor growing but its providing safety and a more predictable and uniform internal environment for your cannabis grow op. Growers know that the greenhouse automation option brings peace of mind and a natural warmth to the plants. All of these options builds trusts in the brands ability to handle quality control from seed to sale.




What Options are Available for Greenhouse Irrigation?


If you have not set up any type of watering system, growers should consider equipping their greenhouses with automated irrigation for marijuana crops. With the purchase of automated irrigation, they can control the batch solutions and nutrients on a timed drip irrigation that flow out to the pants container.


What you want here is to achieve the right levels of watering and a nutrient rich recipe that automatically goes your your cannabis at the right time during the day, every day and on auto pilot. Now there are some major differences between these systems, so lets talk about how they are designed.


Manual Value Watering System to flood Grow Tables:


With this basic system there is still a lot of hand mixing of fertilizers in tanks and then with low cost injector the solution is pumped into the grow tables, flooding the bottom so that the pots and roots can absorb the water through the substrate and into the plants.


This method is very time consuming and involves both a large amount of water and has a lot of waste in fertilizer costs as the mixing is very crude. It may not be best to have a facility that grows on gross measurements and lots of water loss. Your crop and profits will suffer from it.


Semi-Automated Irrigation System with Timers


The main difference between this method and the first system, is that it starts to employ some automation. In its most basic form automation means – hands free. Here the grower has less work to do manually as timers start and stop the irrigation feed through a drip irrigation system. Once set up this form of automatic watering can really enhance your cannabis cultivation.


The drip system is set up in such a way that plastic lines are placed all through out the greenhouse and fed into the pot with a spike to ensure it stays in place. The container gets the right amount of water and nutrient solution right down to the root. The drip system works well for the most part, the only draw back is there is not much intelligence in the controllers or timers.


Fully Automated Fertigation Machine

The installation of a fully automated irrigation system (fertigation machine) for cultivation can improve water and nutrient use, reduce water waste and reduce fertilizer costs, all while improving crop resilience. It is important to understand how fertigation can help growers improve water efficiency and reduce labour costs for growers as at large scale operation these means serious dollars.


Accurate control through automated drip irrigation systems allows growers to improve their nutrient application by adjusting the system to balance the pH and deliver nutrients through a process known as fertigation. Fertigation is the process of adding water-soluble nutrients to an irrigation system to provide the crop with important components for proper growth in an efficient method.


An automated fertigation system can respond to the growing environment, eliminating manual monitoring of growing conditions, improving efficiency and lowering labor costs.


Climate control systems can meet all your greenhouse automation requirements by installing the Fertigation Manager for cannabis cultivation. With advanced computer software we are helping growers automate and control their medical marijuana for the best plant growth.


We have designed a complete solution that tracks what your plants need right down to the soil level and provides the grower with essential data and information on his plants. In any cannabis grow operation your cannabis crop is always priority #1. Would it be great to get email alerts about when a new irrigation gets started? Or what about when an E.C or Ph level falls out of balance? With this type of advanced greenhouse automation you can now have that technology.


Fertigation Irrigation Greenhouse Computer

Greenhouse Fertigation Management: Those who grow cannabis will be thankful for the integration of fertigation systems, along with climate control (or manager). It allows control of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide dosing, misting, fogging, and grow lighting whenever and wherever they are required.




More Benefits of Greenhouse Automation


Cannabis grown with greenhouse automation can help you produce bigger and better buds, consistently. We also have systems that collect the waste water run-off for recycling. This creates more efficiently and sustainably, with no worry of pests or diseases as we treat the waste water with ozone purification.


These automated irrigation systems are crucial to the health of your marijuana all the way from cannabis seeds to fully mature adult plants. They can make the difference between a small farm and the ability to scale up your business with both a quality product and healthy cash flow.


Aside from the above features mentioned, it is important to remember that the automation systems are easy to install and use. They are designed and built for everyday growers like you who can benefit from the system.


You can get in touch with one of our greenhouse engineers here.

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