Are you using crop data to better inform your growing decisions? Would you consider yourself a precision grower? What if you had advanced growing technology that acted like professional crop adviser or a growing consultant to better empower your farm management?

Join the 21st century of future growers, as Climate Control Systems can be your new partner in precision technology. We can help you make better crop and grower management decisions with data. With multiple points of collection direct from your growing environment and other crop inputs we can give you a farmer’s edge over the competition.

There are plenty of new IoT devices for farming applications, like wireless soil sensors that detect moisture levels, or solar sensors that detect the correct light levels in the greenhouse. This can include your daily accumulated light for your plants. With all this technology alongside you in the greenhouse, we ensure that you will have the perfect growing conditions, year round and all the benefits of precision agriculture.

The new age of growers is here. Are you one of them?
Collecting precise growing data, through real time monitoring can be a real advantage for any grower. As we all know the saying “data is gold“, and it can be especially true for specialty crop growers… who want to use that data to benefit their greenhouse operations.
Bill Gates
How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose ~ Bill Gates.

Growing Software and Data Feedback Loops.

Precision grower data is a science whereby growers use technology to fine-tune crop production. Growing software is installed on a local greenhouse computer, and various sensors are run out to the various crops to collect information.

That data in turn helps growers determine exactly what the plants are responding to and what types of inputs levels to use. This becomes a data feedback loop, on how to better control the greenhouse environment.

This not only means real time control over the Co2, lighting, irrigation and fertilizers for optimum yields, but real insights on what is producing healthier plants. By monitoring how your crops are progressing, and what factors are influencing growth by greenhouse zone, you get a better understanding of your operation.

Getting Started With Greenhouse Data for Better Crop Yields

One of our flagship products is the Fertigation Manager systems for better irrigation and precision farming. It also has remote monitoring of things like your flow rate, E.C, pH and return E.C levels through the use of sensors and equipment.

One of the biggest benefits of this specialized fertigation equipment is its ability to schedule and manage multiple feed formulas at very precise amounts, and deliver very important data back to individual growers.

Triggering Irrigation By Moisture

Along with schedule events like feeding, we use soil sensors to allow growers to automatically trigger watering according to a set moisture level in the growing medium. If any grow bag or root zone gets too dry, the automation software will trigger another irrigation.

Now, That’s precision growing.

Another great benefit is the addition of real-time monitoring, bench-marking and data collection which is all being fed back to the greenhouse computer, for further observations.

Any farming operation can enhance its agricultural practices, by investing in greenhouse automation systems that will truly achieve your return on investment. Using the precision agriculture approach means you will spend less money on labour, fertilizers and ultimately your utility bills.

Let’s have a closer look at the growing software and how the fertigation manager can act like trusted crop advisors to your team.

Collecting Grow Data isn’t Enough

I discussed some of the ways that our technology collects data (sensors, weather stations, greenhouse computer software) however we need a seasoned grower to read, understand and make informed decisions on the precision grower data collected.

Raw Grower Data

Raw greenhouse data isn’t enough or even very valuable, unless someone reads and interprets the data in an active way. Truly the next step in your greenhouse yield potential is organizing and analyzing the data to better understand the growing science behind your crops.

What happened on a certain date? Have you consistently hit your E.C. targets and levels, was pH too high for a period of time? What effect did these events have on the plants? Once your get used to the software platform you will have a lot of new growing information at your finger tips.

Ec Ph Flowrate Growing Data

Once you have a process for mapping out your yield data then you have some valuable findings. As you can imagine, this is going to take some time, honing in on exactly what it is you want to measure and improve on. But once perfected you will have based your valued business on solid data and growing science.

We are even working on consistently delivering the right amounts of fertilizers, by focusing on their dissolution & solubility rate in water for a better quality yield. Knowing just the right concentrations of fertillizer to use in your irrigation can be paramount to growing success.

All this is putting power back into the growers hands and taking the next step towards precision farming technology. Any of these features can be customized to the specific needs of farm or grower.

An Elevated Level of Greenhouse Production

Interested in learning more about precision grower data, or any one of our software solutions that can help inform your growing decisions with data?

Reach out to one of our greenhouse engineers here, and talk to us about your current greenhouse operational needs or new indoor grow project.