How can you guarantee the highest crop yield this year? Automatic open/close controllers are one of the most important components of a greenhouse ventilation system. These vents regulate airflow, temperature and humidity. Automated climate-controlled systems detect changes in environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, then open or close vents to keep the environment within the desired range. Maintaining the ideal environment for each climate zone is essential for any successful growing operation. 

What is a Greenhouse Ventilation System? 

Traditional greenhouses use passive ventilation to draw in the fresh air. The circulation helps maintain ideal temperatures. Growers use both roof and wall ventilation. In climate-controlled systems, a software program helps automate the opening and closing of vents to help create ideal growing conditions for each specific climate zone. 

Vents are essential for two main reasons: 

  1. 1 They create an effective ventilation system that prevents the buildup of excessive heat and moisture 
  2. 2 The vents bring in the fresh air. Fresh air is necessary for proper plant respiration, so it’s essential vents are correctly placed and sized to optimize airflow

Fans and blowers act like pumps to move air throughout the greenhouse at a steady rate. Typically more powerful models are needed to move large amounts of air quickly between different areas, such as heated beds and main area doors. They work with other components like screens or hoods to funnel air upward and out of the structure, helping maintain optimum ventilation levels. 

Thermostats, Humidistats and Greenhouse Ventilation

Humidistats & thermostats work together with automatic open/close controllers and fans or blowers. Sensors measure internal environmental conditions like temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse on a regular basis, sending signals when needed, so additional adjustments must be made. The controlled system will then open vents or adjust the fans automatically. Create a stable climate within the growing space that’s optimal for plant growth & health all year round. 

Controlling Climate Zones with Misters and Foggers

Automated foggers and misters keep the growing atmosphere within optimal ranges. They encourage healthy growth rates over time and reduce plant stress on crops outside their ideal ranges due to hot temperatures or low humidity levels. Both can be automated via manual control or programmed settings that activate according to specific external conditions detected by sensors installed inside.

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