The last few years have seen the gradual globalization of medical marijuana’s legalization. Here is a chart that shows where medical marijuana is legal in the world. The cannabis market is growing at such a rate that it is expected to reach $39.35 billion by 2023.


Naturally, this growth effects the increase in the number of farmers seeking to make profits by growing cannabis in a greenhouse. To grow cannabis properly, climate control is crucial to quality control. Growing cannabis indoors is possible through advanced environmental control systems to keep the conditions optimal to plant health.


Importance of Advanced Environmental Control Systems For Cannabis Production


Indoor cannabis facilities may have to deal with drastic changes in heat and humidity, which can affect the production process and how it is growing. You must understand that the basic needs for proper production in cannabis facilities. These are the same as any other weed or plant… a consistent supply of light, water, ventilation, and nutrient-rich soil.


To ensure that a farmer manages to provide these to his crops, an integrated environmental control program automates and controls the growing of your cannabis crop. You can delegate the basic responsibilities of taking care of the plants while concentrating on the other aspects of the business.


You can save the time you would otherwise spend watering the plants, adjusting the fan’s head for air circulation, ensuring that the light is perfect, or feeding the crops. Imagine how much time and energy you could save if there were weather condition control systems that could take care of these repetitive tasks!


Having advanced environmental control systems with automation software ensures that all this is done in time without your involvement. Such systems also contribute to reduced power consumption. Farmers vouch that an advanced system helps in growing disease-free plants.


How Technologically Advanced Environment Control Systems Help Cannabis Production


Modern climate control automation systems for indoor cannabis production are easy to install and use. A farmer remotely controls the climate, irrigation, and fertigation. Each one is essential to help cannabis grow. With mesh wireless systems and using the internet, these systems will also make it really easy to monitor the crops in real time.


All you need is a smartphone – and you can take care of everything going on inside the greenhouse even when you are not close by. These new systems make the job of taking care of your indoor cannabis production around the clock much easier, faster, and cost-effective.


Advanced environmental control systems should be able to take care of…


a) Climate Temperature: Optimize external weather conditions and natural resources like wind, light, rain and temperature, as well as humidity, carbon dioxide, light, and shade inside the greenhouse


b) Fertigation: The process of injecting fertilizers into the irrigation system in the greenhouse


c) Irrigation: Maintenance of the moisture level of the soil and packing it with nutrients.


Greenhouse Automation Systems that combine these controls to help you to produce healthy cannabis without investing a lot of time and reducing labour costs. 

How Environment Condition Controls Cannabis Growth


Why is it at all important to take care of the environmental conditions inside a greenhouse?


Let’s take a look at how different conditions affect the plant:

  1. Cannabis cultivation demands very specific lighting conditions for different operations.
  2. These plants react differently to a variety of light deprivation and photo-periods.
  3. Water quality and quantity can optimize the use of nutrients in the soil.
  4. Proper circulation of filtered and pure air is essential to help cannabis grow.
  5. Cannabis reacts negatively to extreme heat, cold, and humidity.
  6. Humidity can cause mold and destroy your entire crop


If you are working on your cannabis plants manually, you will need to take care of these all by yourself. However, with the help of advanced environmental control systems, it will be easier to plan and manage the weather conditions required inside the greenhouse.


Environmental Conditions Taken Care of by The Climate Manager by Nebula


The Climate Manager by Nebula is an advanced environmental condition system. It is a computerized process of controlling greenhouse conditions.


It measures and controls:

  1. Temperature
  2. Vents and fans
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Light and shade
  5. Water supply… and more!


Unlike the majority of advanced climate control systems for greenhouses, The Climate Manager uses a complex network of multiple sensors and collects all of the data at a single centralized computer. The real time Wifi sensors are strategically positioned to give you control across the greenhouse.


This means that you can control the system from any computer.


The primary device will feature a screen with the following: 

  • Weather conditions, light, temperature, rain and wind on the outside
  • Heat and humidity levels inside each compartment of the greenhouse
  • Level of carbon dioxide inside the compartments of the greenhouse
  • Positions of vents and louvers, and the activities of the cooling fans
  • Indoor photoperiod and light deprivation through shading, and fog
  • Irrigation, wastage of water, misting, and vapor pressure


You’ll have complete control over each environmental aspect essential from the point when they start to grow till the cultivation of cannabis. You can establish 16 climate zones with the help of The Climate Manager. If you add an extra panel, you can extend this to 32 zones. You can also control steaming and water and air heating.


Why Choose The Climate Manager as Your Environmental Control System for Growing Cannabis?

Among the environmental control systems available, which is the perfect one for you? You need a system like The Climate Manager to make the job easy for you – right from the installation process until the cannabis plants are cultivated. With the help of a good system in the cannabis facilities, a grower controls the following:


  • Complete solution for environmental management in the greenhouse
  • User-friendly software programs that help grow the plants
  • Remote access to greenhouse conditions with a phone or PC.
  • Perfect harmony between external weather and internal programs
  • Irrigation, misting, solar radiation, and water heating programs


You will be able to tailor programs or systems that suit your individual needs to help your cannabis crops grow. You will know that your advanced system of environmental controls is directly effecting your bottom line to capture more of market-share today and into the future. Reach out to one of our greenhouse engineers here.