Ever since the Cannabis Act was passed in 2018, the cannabis industry has been booming in Canada. Even smaller scale growers have started gaining huge profits from it. For commercial cannabis growers, there are plenty of options to get the best yield for marijuana production. With the use of advanced climate control systems, greenhouse automation systems, irrigation systems, etc., you can double or even triple output. All of these systems use grower friendly automated growroom software.

Modern cannabis cultivation software is a major breakthrough in the greenhouse farming industry. It helps greenhouse owners feed their crops, take care of them, and give them the ideal growing environment – with little manual work and precise growing metrics. Automation software has become an essential tool for commercial growers!

Let’s find out more about automation technology for cannabis farming.

Automated Grow Room Software for Reducing Grow Time, Labor, and Repetitive Tasks

Every grower knows that external conditions can affect the health of crops – even if the crops are grown in indoor facilities. But, thanks to automated systems using advanced greenhouse technology, an indoor grower can now maintain complete control over such environmental factors. With the help of automation software, you just have to use the internet connectivity to –

  • Automate nutrient feeding
  • Handle nutrient dosing
  • Choosing quantities of water
  • Maintaining humidity control
  • Managing light levels
  • Regulate exhaust fans and LED lights
  • Controlling moisture levels
  • Monitoring and adjusting current CO2 levels

This is possible with the help of software designed for automation for cannabis growers. From maintaining environmental balance to monitoring amounts of water and feed – everything can be managed with automatic greenhouse control systems & technology – without getting your hands dirty!


Greenhouse Computer for Greenhouse technology


There’s no guesswork involved, just set your grower approved set points, and ensure that your crop has the perfect growing conditions year round.

Why Use Automation in Your Indoor Cannabis Facility

Modern cannabis cultivators prefer to use automation systems powered by IoT-controlled software. The aim of using IoT, or the Internet of Things, is to create a network of all appliances and objects – and the same technology is used in greenhouse control technology. IoT helps to achieve accuracy and consistency, thus leading to better yield and for cannabis growers.

Cultivators prefer the automation of the grow room and greenhouse because of the following reasons:

a) Custom Control:

Thanks to greenhouse automation in an indoor cannabis facility, farmers can access greenhouse data and controllers from a computer or smart device. You can analyze the data and take care of aspects like current Co2 levels, moisture levels, lighting controls, air circulation, etc., and optimizing any effects of external factors.

b) Irrigation and Feed Formula Scheduling:

With the help of automated control technology, you can get the opportunity to schedule feed irrigations so that you do not have to do it manually every time. Not only that! You can also measure and maintain the nutrient and water dosage to avoid over- or underfeeding your cannabis plants.

c) Decreased Labour Cost:

Since you will not have to use manual labour to perform basic tasks like watering plants, you will be able to save a lot of money you’d otherwise spend on labour. You might still need employees who can handle the automation system and analyze the data, but they will be skilled in handling modern technology.

d) Reduced Overall Cost:

With the help of automation software, you will be able to maintain high quality and optimize water and fertilizer usage. This will prevent wastage and help save water and fertilizer costs. In addition, it will also take care of lighting controls, exhaust fans, etc., and prevent unnecessary usage of electricity.

e) Real-Time Control

Automation software will give you the opportunity to maintain real-time control over the environment inside the greenhouse. That means you can monitor the current humidity, light, CO2, temperature, etc., and adjust them instantly – from vents to retractable roofs, from LED lights to climate control meters.

3 Major Factors Controlled by Automation Software for Cannabis Growth

Using a modern greenhouse automation system is controlled by software to connect your greenhouse equipment. There are features that you can control with the help of grow room software for complete control. They are as follows:

i) Timer:

One of the main features of automated systems is the timer. It is easy to set up as you set the time for watering and feeding your crops. This regulates grow cycle. When you or your employees don’t have to perform repetitive hands-on jobs, you can handle other tasks, and there’s no chance of forgetting.

ii) Climate:

To maintain the ideal climatic conditions throughout the year for your plants, automated systems are a must. Your advanced automation software will allow you to monitor, analyze, and control the environmental factors of a greenhouse on a real-time basis, besides optimizing soil conditions.

iii) Irrigation:

With the help of automation software, you can fully automate irrigation. Automation systems make it easier to figure out how your crops will respond to different amounts of water and at what schedule. This type of “fertigation” leads the way to water purification and recycling, as well as perfect feeding.

Learn More about Indoor Grow Automation

For cannabis growth, you can take the help of an IoT control gateway, drip irrigation, and water filtration systems. The Climate Control Manager by Nebula Group Company is dedicated to bringing timer, climate control, and fertigation to the palm of your hand. With just your smartphone or centralized computer system, you can control every aspect of your greenhouse for cannabis farming.

The Climate Control Manager offers a reliable combination of hardware and software programs, and you will get the chance to get sufficient time for other aspects of farming cannabis that deserve your complete attention. To get a customized quote for automated grow room software today, Contact Us here!