Automated greenhouse systems revolutionized the vertical farming industry. At Climate Control Systems Inc. we have developed a fully automated greenhouse system that will help vertical farms, individual growers, and urban commercial greenhouses flourish. From controlling cannabis greenhouse humidity to reducing water and fertilizer use by 40%, today’s cutting-edge automated greenhouse systems will help industrial greenhouse growers maximize crop yield and find success.

What is an Automated Greenhouse System? 

Since the 1980s our patented automated greenhouse system has used a simple computerized automation approach to controlling greenhouse heating and cooling, irrigation and water treatment. Imagine being able to enjoy fresh tomatoes year-round through carefully monitored irrigation and temperature controls, or increasing your medical marijuana yields through meticulous cannabis greenhouse humidity controls. 

Throughout the world, these automated systems have helped growers save on energy and water costs and grow an impressively more extensive crop yield each year. This unique software program helps hydroponic farms supply necessary food supplies to surrounding communities at a fraction of the cost of traditional farming or basic vertical gardening. 

Covid Affected the Food Supply

As the effects of the Covid pandemic continue to ripple across the globe, the importance of sustainability and growing locally has become evident. Supply chains have come to a halt, and food, medical marijuana, and necessary supplies fail to arrive. Entire communities and urban businesses are suffering. How can we help? 

12 Benefits of an Automated Greenhouse System

There are countless benefits to a fully automated greenhouse system. Among them:

  • 1 Software was designed with the user in mind
  • 2 Conveniently use your smartphone or computer
  • 3 No complicated programming or technical skills are needed to successfully operate
  • 4 Easy to install and use
  • 5 Notice increased crop yields in the first year
  • 6 Save on fertilizer and water usage
  • 7 Reduce overall energy costs
  • 8 Have more control over irrigation, water, humidity, and more
  • 9 Easily customize the program seasonally to meet your ever-changing needs
  • 10 Increase your overall bottom line
  • 11 Used for 25 years throughout North America, Europe and Asia
  • 12 Lifetime warranty from Climate Controls Systems Inc.

Special Features Designed for Vertical Farming and Hydroponics

Fertigation Management allows you to customize the feed formulas for your crops. Use the Climate Manager to control: 

  • – Lighting
  • – Humidity
  • – Misting
  • – Temperature
  • – Vents
  • – Shading


Additionally, we provide superior Ozone Pro greenhouse water treatment systems to keep your plants healthy through simple irrigation sterilization. We design each system to meet your unique water flow rate needs.

Whether you are an international industrial grower, a medical marijuana provider, a hydroponics facility, or an indoor cannabis facility, Climate Control Systems will provide you with the best automated greenhouse system, perfectly designed with your needs in mind. 

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Climate Control Systems Inc. has proudly helped supports the sustainability and decentralization of food and cannabis production since 1985. Our superior automated systems have helped reduce energy use and save over 40% in average fertilizer and water costs to growers. 

When you want the best fully automated greenhouse systems, contact Climate Control Systems Inc. Our seasoned team of professionals will work with you to find the system you need for higher crop yield and a bigger bottom line. Please, contact us today.