For investors and growers alike, deciding on the proper environmental control systems for cannabis plants is crucial. In North America, we see mainly greenhouse structures growing cannabis because of the natural light that it provides to the plants.

However, in some locations, it may be easier to create an indoor cannabis facility by converting an old factory or other building structure to start your indoor cannabis production. In either case, we would always point the grower to the overall environmental impact or carbon footprint that each operation would have. The energy input of the grow-op will have a big impact on your profitability.

A greenhouse operation set-up is a popular choice, as there are many vegetable growers who are comfortable running such operations. Plus, it is easier to maintain an optimum growing environment (via natural heat from the sun) that allows for lower consumption of energy instead of always relying on HVAC heating.

In both growing environments, humidity and carbon dioxide levels will also need to be regulated. Our climate control systems can control the fans, ventilators, C02, misting, etc. With the right greenhouse automation equipment, everything from water usage to shade curtains can be controlled and automated in real-time.

This makes managing the cannabis greenhouse environment both efficient and convenient resulting in higher energy savings.

What are Commercial Cannabis Greenhouses?

Commercial cannabis greenhouses are larger structures built from a heavy-duty steel frame and usually covered by a poly plastic film that allows for the right amount of sun to penetrate the greenhouse.

Cannabis greenhouses are built for large-scale production with rows of greenhouse benches or flood tables, trollies and other greenhouse components.

There are many companies that offer turn-key greenhouse design and build services, including detailed blueprints. Getting the facility planned and built out for scalability is key to your business growth. We recommend GGS Structures Inc. as a best-in-class company for the marijuana industry and cannabis greenhouse design.

New Principles of Greenhouse Crop Management

Cannabis growers now need to be particularly careful about the new options for managing greenhouse crops, or your indoor operations especially when it comes to each stage of growth for cannabis.

What are the greenhouse crop management guideline rules to ensure that you are consistently hitting your sales and quality targets?

The world of cannabis is constantly evolving thanks to the efforts of horticultural data scientists who are creating test labs to help new growers. A cannabis grower can expect to see their cannabis crops thrive by implementing these (data-driven) changes for better cannabis in the greenhouse.

Advanced climate control or automation for cannabis can help any grower (Cannabis Indoors or Greenhouse Industry) lower costs and increase yields by using the same data science on a local computer.

Monitoring and measuring your growing data in some challenging conditions is a great choice for cannabis or any other growing operation.

The business decision for cannabis growers is this: An efficient operation is a profitable one.

Commercial Production of Cannabis in Greenhouses

Greenhouse climate control is a critical part of having a successful year. The temperature and humidity levels swing in a greenhouse, which can be too way too extreme to be met by manual controls.

At Climate Control Systems, we have proven growing software that optimizes your cannabis grow environment by continuously monitoring and adapting the greenhouse conditions according to the needs of the plants via sensors and IoT equipment. We are also monitoring weather conditions and light levels so that the cannabis in the greenhouse is always in an optimal growing state.

With more precise control and less reliance on manual labour, you will be saving time and money. Getting a handle on your indoor environments will boil down to what you install for greenhouse controls. While some greenhouse manufacturers and consultants would like to believe the entire success of a grower is due to the greenhouse structure and greenhouse equipment, this is just not the case. Top-quality growers will grow top-quality plants, and poor-quality growers will grow poor-quality plants.

Our growing software is a tool to empower each grower in their journey to success.

New Options for Managing the Cannabis Greenhouse Environment

One of the best ways to manage the greenhouse environment in the cannabis industry is with the help of new technology like The Climate Control Manager by Nebula. Growers who need consistency in the environment of their marijuana greenhouses need to look no further. Better cannabis growth and boosted yield are all accomplished easier with complete environmental controls. Reducing your expenses on manual labour.

Wireless greenhouse control automation

The Climate Control Manager helps you with cannabis crop greenhouse management. Like having your own data lab, you can now make the best use of modern plant science and maintain control over your greenhouse operations to make your cannabis plants thrive for increased cannabis production.

Need Help with Feed Formulas or Irrigation?

With the help of the Fertigation Manager which is one of the best fertigation systems available, you can ensure the automation of custom feed formulas to each strain of cannabis. Setting up feed batches and scheduled irrigations to your crop is just a few clicks away. Monitor soil moisture levels and E.C. and Ph. or your water to ensure the crop is getting the right amounts of nutrients.

Hydroponic irrigation systems

We can even help recycle the irrigation wastewater. An automated system like our Ozone Pro can help your flowering cannabis and young plants to grow into healthy plants with great crop quality with the help of a proper nutrient supply. It is best to clean your irrigation water on premises so you can ensure the safety of your plants.

Ozone Pro water treatment system

Greenhouse management technology helps with year-round production, lower energy costs, control the greenhouse environment, manage your irrigation schedule, etc.

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Many growers have seen better quality cannabis growing from our trusted greenhouse technology and automation systems. They now have to use fewer staff members for paying attention to the smaller details and are increasing profits with efficiency.

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