Whether growing tomatoes and kale for local restaurants, cannabis greenhouse production and indoor medical marijuana production or commercial growing for international trade, understanding how to provide the necessary light for optimum plant growth will dramatically increase overall crop yield. 

Attempting to decentralize food and medical marijuana production requires maximizing the use of urban farms, hydroponics, and vertical gardening.  Successful vertical hydroponics production requires light modules that will provide a set value of daily light integral (DLI) for higher and healthier crop yields.

What is Daily Light Integral? 

The Daily Light Integral means how many photosynthetically active photos hit a square meter of space in a typical twenty-four-hour day. Unfortunately, daily light changes over the day, month by month – meaning that the readings in a greenhouse may differ greatly.

What does that mean for the average cannabis greenhouse production, commercial grower, or vertical hydroponics farm?

This means that maintaining optimum continuous lighting year-round requires constant monitoring.

How to Measure DLI 

Growers have to consider the DLI when setting up the best lighting environment for their crops. Greenhouses and spaces with glass windows may see the most change in DLI.  Growers may measure light using a HortiPower energy meter, which measures PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) — or in layman’s terms roughly how much light hits a square meter (or defined space) in a 24-hour period. 

As you can imagine, regularly maintaining the lighting in an indoor commercial facility can become tedious. Many growers use a sophisticated system of shade motors, control panels, and vent motors to manage the lighting and overall environment for greater crop yield. 

Greenhouse Automation Systems and DLI

The biggest benefit to Greenhouse Automated Systems is that they allow growers to control all aspects of the indoor environment — including lighting, shade motors, vents, humidity, temperature and more. The simple-to-use software provides options to customize all aspects of the environment so your plants receive continuous and optimum lighting. 

Changing the settings does not take much. You can easily adjust the lighting controls via your smartphone or a computer. The software platform can work with commercial greenhouses, hydroponic crops, vertical gardening, indoor medical marijuana facilities and more. Besides allowing you to easily and quickly adjust light throughout all your greenhouses and distinct zones, you can also monitor the data to assist you in growing. 

Data and DLI

Better crop data means you do not need to guestimate the optimal DLI for your crop zones. Instead partnering with Climate Grow Systems and installing a fully automated greenhouse system will give you access to data that will help you better run your operation.

In fact, precision grower data remains the number one in maintaining healthier plants and producing an impressive yearly yield. Enjoy real-time control over lighting, shades, temperature, and more. Use data to make the best grower management decisions. 

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