Automating your hydroponics greenhouse provides various benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced labour and water costs, improved crop production and quality, and reduced energy consumption. Automation also allows you to focus on other tasks that require attention away from the greenhouse. By maximizing resources and improving conditions for plant growth, automation can ensure maximum yield from your greenhouse operations. Greenhouse automation companies like Climate Control Systems, Inc. have transformed commercial food production worldwide through innovation and effective self-sufficient processes. 

How Greenhouse Automation Addresses, Global Food Scarcity

Automated hydroponic greenhouse systems are emerging as a potential solution to global food scarcity in urban areas. By utilizing the hydroponic method of growing plants, these greenhouses use minimal resources, often recycled or reused, and offer higher yields per unit area than traditional farming. 

Today’s automation systems reduce labour costs and save time. Artificial intelligence can monitor crop health and make necessary changes to maximize yields and further minimize inputs. With their sustainability and efficiency, automated hydroponic greenhouses offer a promising means to combat global food insecurity in urban contexts.

With the implementation of greenhouse technology, food scarcity can be lessened through increased crop production, expanding access to nutritious crops worldwide, and reducing water waste. Greenhouses are practical tools for combating inadequate food access since they facilitate the growth of healthy fruits and vegetables year-round, even in harsh climates. Greenhouses are also incredibly water efficient since they collect rainfall and condensation to capture much-needed hydration for their plants. Commercial growers can effectively reduce food scarcity worldwide by utilizing climate control systems.

Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Automation

Hydroponics farmers save energy while producing higher yields by automating the management of temperature, humidity, light and other variables in greenhouses. Automation also helps to prevent pests and diseases, maximize water use efficiency and reduce labour costs.

With modern technology and advanced automation solutions, farmers save money and time:

  • Save on water use
  • Conserve energy
  • Higher crop yields
  • Maximize crops regardless of location
  • Save time and labour
  • Use less fertilizer
  • Conserve energy

Like many internationally respected industry leaders, Climate Control Systems Inc. committed itself to creating ground-breaking technologies that will not only save growers time and money but also protect the habitats that they are surrounded by locally and globally. 

How to Install a Climate Control System

At Climate Control Systems, Inc., the greenhouse automation system runs off of The Climate Manager, a process control computer that gives you access to every grow zone. Control The Climate Manager from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. 

Our installers place panels strategically throughout your commercial or private growing operation. The Climate Manager connects with these panels to control everything from temperature and wind conditions to heating and venting control. 

Combine your complete greenhouse automation system with the Fertigation Manager and Ozone Pro for a genuinely optimized custom environment for your crops. The Ozone Pro Treatment System collects run-off and cleans it for re-use. The Fertigation Manager works with the entire system to save time and money on fertilizing your crops. Use your smartphone to control the feed process with a few clicks. It’s that simple. 

Contact Climate Control Systems Inc. today about installing our state-of-the-art greenhouse automation systems.