Cannabis Automated Growing Systems

The marijuana industry is booming, which is great news for industrial greenhouse owners. Right? Knowing the process of how to set up a successful medical grow-op for cannabis will increase your crop yields and earnings.

Its also good to be informed, as the industry grows, government regulators and investors are taking note of the changing market. Regulators want to see that the industry is run safely and efficiently, while investors want a return on their money. This means strick control and regulations for quality control on medical marijuana products.

Licensed producers are working with grow engineers to design more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly grow rooms. While cannabis is a unique plant, cannabis producers have started using some of the automated computer systems that industrial greenhouse growers have traditionally used for years.

Automated growing systems help make cannabis plants healthier and more profitable. If you’re growing cannabis on an industrial scale, don’t let your cannabis cultivation business wither as the market starts booming! Greenhouse automation can help with controlled dosing and ozone water purification to keep your crops safe.

You can capitalize on the market and technological advances by adding automation to your greenhouse for better cannabis yields.


Read below for the authoritative guide to automating your greenhouse systems.


Why Automate Your Grow System?

In a word, money. Automating your marijuana greenhouse will save on costs and bring you better yields to sell. Computer systems work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor and control the growing environment.

But as we’ve written before, the idea isn’t to cut down on the number of your employees but to make work better for them. Automation can help with this in many ways.


Quality Control for Medical Marijuana

Computerized greenhouse automation systems can deliver the same amount of nutrients, lighting, and irrigation across the board, consistently. They can also control the environment for any differences or discrepancies so that you know your product is the same high-quality product every time.


Waste of Resources

Crop loss can be in the millions of dollars. Cutting down on energy costs, water waste or any of your other growing resources will all help you stay profitable. Automation removes the chance of human error, employee costs and cuts down on excess waste!


Data Collection

Do you know what is working best in your greenhouse? Computerized systems gather information about the environment and how to optimize it, taking out the need to guess or use the process of elimination for your best yields.


Environmental Conservation

Growing cannabis takes a lot of resources. From energy to water consumption, cannabis might be green—but growing it isn’t. Automating your lights, irrigation, and fertilization systems can help reduce some of the environmental impacts of your grow room.


Peace of Mind

Do you have a hard time relaxing when you’re not near your plants? Do you find yourself worrying about the safety and environment of the greenhouse? Automated systems will help put your mind at ease.


Growing Cannabis with Automated Systems

Cannabis plants have particular needs, and scaling production can present unique challenges. That is why we’re creating systems to automate many different aspects of your grow system.

Most automated systems consisted of computers attached to sensors and injectors. The sensors monitor and send information to the computer, which will then control the injectors or other system aspects.

Automated systems help maximize plant production and profitability.


What Parts of the Grow System Can We Automate?

From seed to product, most aspects of your grow room can be automated.



Lighting is a difficult factor to control. Depending on your geographical location and the time of year, you may need to deprive or supplement your greenhouse lighting. An automated lighting system will allow you to optimize your lights and cut down on energy use.


Irrigation & Dosing

The moisture level of your soil is another one that is tricky to get just right. It depends on factors like your greenhouse size, temperature, and humidity. Monitoring your irrigation is critical to your yield and crop quality.

Our Fertigation Manager controls soil moisture and nutrient level in one convenient system. This system will measure and mix fertilizer to create the right formula for all of your plant varieties.



Cannabis plants do best within a narrow range of degrees, so it’s important to keep your greenhouse temperature consistent. Place temperature monitors at intervals in your grow room, near thermostats, to help maintain an even and healthy temperature.



The humidity level of your grow environment will affect the photosynthesis rate of your plants. If humidity is too high, mold or fungus might grow. It is imperative to control the humidity level and air circulation in an efficient way.


CO2 Levels

The amount of CO2 in your grow environment can have huge impacts on the speed at which your plants grow. A computerized CO2 monitor will measure and control the level, and provide you with information about what your cannabis strains like best.



Unwanted intrusion and crop tampering are unfortunate facts in the cannabis industry that you have to consider. A security monitor will alert you to any unauthorized presence in your greenhouse while also adding to your peace of mind that your crops are safe.


Return On Investment

To make an informed decision on what systems to use, first add up the entire cost. Factor in the machinery, installation cost, the right number of sensors and the training time to get the new system up and running.

Consider this cost against the value of your plant inventory and current equipment, as well as any loss that you currently experience that automating would solve.

Automated grow systems can have a rapid return on investment if it’s the right system for your business. Having an up-to-date grow room is also a selling point for attracting investors.

Whether you’re updating a current facility or building a new one, automation adds value and sophistication to your operation.


Is Automation Right for Your Greenhouse?

The marijuana production market is expected to reach $25 billion by 2025.

As the industry changes, growing environments will also expand and change. Investors and regulators want to see smart, sophisticated grow systems.

We’re building systems that will take your growing cannabis business to the next level. Our systems are dependable, easy to use, and can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet. And they are designed to grow as your facility does too.

Contact us today and start using our automated growing systems to increase crop yeilds, avoid deseases and enhance crop quality!