Automated greenhouse systems maximize hydroponics crop yields by providing precise environmental control and optimized nutrient. By creating a more suitable environment for plant growth, farmers can optimize their yield while saving time and money. Controlling climate in 2023 is easy with cutting-edge technology like the Fertigation Manager or Ozone Pro. New water treatment systems and automated climate managers help growers save time and money while reducing energy costs. Find out how to enjoy the highest crop yields yet with the latest in automated greenhouse technologies. 

What is a Fully Automated Hydroponics Greenhouse System?

Hydroponics greenhouses have allowed both large commercial and small urban growers to enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient farming in any setting. However, managing multiple zones, fertilization, and water treatment can take considerable labour and resources. Controlling climate specific to each zone can make the difference between a high-yield farming season and a costly low-yield crop. 

A fully-automated hydroponics greenhouse allows growers to control each zone’s temperature, water treatment, fertilization, and more with a few clicks. Growers can program proprietary software to automate actions like opening ventilation windows or treating water. The Climate Manager software program gives full remote control over: 

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Vents
  • Shading
  • Lighting
  • Fog
  • Irrigation
  • Misting
  • And more

Using a simple tablet, smartphone, or computer, a grower can manage their entire hydroponics operation without worrying about wasting valuable time and labour. Reduce overall costs of cooling and heating. Create the ideal environment for each zone of your hydroponics greenhouse. Enjoy a simple fully-customized system that yields incredible results.

Control Each Climate Zone in Your Hydroponics Greenhouse 

The fully-automated greenhouse software allows you to quickly program different climate zones in your hydroponics growing facility. Set each climate zone for your crops – vegetable, flower, or herbal. Program complete environmental programs. For example, you can set a specific zone for day and night humidity and set steam controls. Or perhaps you want to create a multi-level heating program or allow outside weather conditions to affect indoor environmental controls for each climate zone. 

Manage the ideal environment for higher crop yield. Each climate zone will be carefully attenuated to the specific crop. You can maintain the perfect growing environment remotely without worrying about manually adjusting your controls. 

What are the Benefits of an Automated Greenhouse Control System? 

Enjoy considerable benefits when you convert your hydroponics growing facility into an automated climate control system:  

Reduce Overall Energy Costs

By automating everything from humidity and water treatment and saving on overall production and labour. Reduce water waste and energy costs. Use less fertilizer and enjoy lower overhead for your growing facility. 

Grow High-Yield Crops Anywhere

Naturally, one of the benefits of hydroponics farming is that you can adapt to any environment regardless of outside weather conditions. However, managing the perfect environmental controls manually can take considerable time. Adjust your environmental controls automatically with a fully-automated greenhouse system. You can easily adjust the program controls based on weather conditions. Grow crops year-round. 

Enjoy Automated Customization

Quickly and easily change the parameters for each climate zone in your hydroponics facility. Make minor adjustments and adapt your entire facility in a few clicks. Add extra soil sensors and thermostatic controls for additional feedback for better customization. 

Welcome to the 21st Century of farming! When you want the leading Climate Manager System available, call the experts at Climate Control Systems, Inc. We will help create the perfect automated system for the highest crop yield. Contact us today.