Greenhouse growers have long known the benefits of increasing carbon dioxide levels in greenhouses. Carbon dioxide, light, and water are all necessary for photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that creates plant growth.

Studies have shown that even when optimum levels of light, water and nutrients are available, plant growth will still be limited by the amount of carbon dioxide available during the daylight growth cycle.

The problem with most CO² generators (gas burners, CO² tanks) is that they work on a timer. Turn CO² on with the lights, and turn it off in the dark. There is no way to know if the optimum CO² level is reached. Too little CO² minimizes growth, while too much CO² wastes energy, and can even harm plants.

With our technology you can create set points for our Climate Manager™ greenhouse automation technology to work within, thus ensuring you have optimal levels of CO² at all times, for the best possible plant yield.

Benefits of Co² Greenhouse Controlled Environment:

  • Greenhouse-grown vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce show earlier maturity, larger fruit size, greater numbers of fruit, a reduction in cropping time, and yield increases averaging 20 to 50 percent.
  • Greenhouse-grown flowers such as roses and carnations grow more quickly, have longer stems, and larger, more colourful flowers. Yield increases averaged 12 percent.
  • Flowers and ornamental plants propagated by cuttings, such as geraniums, show faster growth, more extensive rooting, and greater plant heights.