Automate your greenhouse ventilation process with one of our automation systems for ventilation via motors with rack and pinion. Rack & pinions are available in many various configurations. Pinions are manufactured as an enclosed ‘clam shell’ housing to keep debris out and the mechanisms running free. Pinions are offered as a traditional one piece design or as a two piece unit (the EZ-fit) ideally suited to repairs and retro-fits.

Reliable, low-maintenance Power Vent System includes durable rack and pinion setup for automated greenhouse ventilation across all zones.

Rack and Pinion Features:

  • Standard (circular section) or Heavy duty (rectangular section)
  • Straight or curved (teeth may be on inside or outside of radius) – radius can be standard or client specified
  • Pinions are designed for 1” or ¾” nominal bore tube
  • Rack travel: 126mm / 5” per pinion revolution
  • Maximum rack length: 6000mm / 230”

Both the Standard and Heavy Duty rack bars are compatible with either the Conventional Pressed Pinion or the EZ Fit Pinion systems.

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