• Measures:
    • Temperature: -40° ~ 80°C
    • Moisture: 0 ~ 100%
    • EC: 0 ~ 20000µS/cm
Climate Control Systems has added the new CCS-3 soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor to the Fertigation Manager system.

The CCS-3 sensor is used in mineral soils and soilless substrates such as Rockwool, potting soil, Co-co peat, and perlite.

You can use the CCS-3 sensor to measure the temperature, water content, and electrical conductivity within the growing medium.

Its stainless steel probes with an extended surface area to optimize EC measurements and minimize substrate disturbance during insertion. We have integrated the sensor into our software to gain greater control over measuring the substrate moisture, temperature and EC level within the growing media.

The CCS-3 measures moisture content, temperature, and EC independently. Its unique design minimizes salinity and textural effects, making it accurate in most soil or soilless media.

The stainless steel needles have an extended surface area, which when inserted into the growing media are able to optimize EC measurements, while minimizing substrate disturbance during insertion. The temperature of the growing media is measured with an onboard thermistor, and the electrical conductivity is measured using a stainless steel electrode array.