Commercial Greenhouse Fertilizer Irrigation Systems


By directly injecting fertilizers into your irrigation system our company’s Greenhouse fertilizer Injection Machines can substantially improve the health and yield of your crops. It’s no real secret that if you increase the amount of nutrients that the plants needs & regularly receives, the values and benefits extend the average lifespan of vegetable,  flower and medical marijuana plants.



What ever your commercial greenhouse grows we can help design a better irrigation system for the crops, as our Greenhouse Automation Company has been in business for over 30 years and have installed fertilizer injection machines all across the globe many times over. One of our main products the Fertigation Manager™ is linked to a software program, which will allows you to remotely manage the equipment and customize your feed formulas across all zones of the greenhouse and have multiple feed formulas for each of your specific crops. Moreover, the greenhouse fertilizer injector machine is able to decrease water and fertilizer costs, and the equipment features numerous sensors and various meters that evaluate the quality of water measuring Ec & Ph for instance.



The Benefits of the Pneumatic Injectors


The cutting-edge machines have pneumatic injectors (more precise) that can be controlled by a central greenhouse computer that our business specifically developed for growers, as we are growers too. Each and every fertilizer injector machine is custom made to your greenhouse operation are usually equipped with any where from 3 injectors to 12 injectors. The durable components are connected to 16 valves that control the flow of liquid, yet you may request an expansion at any time and both the software and controls allow for large commercial growers to be accommodated with ease. As our Irrigation Feed Management System can handle water flow rates from 20 LPM to 2,000 LPM or (50 GPM to 800 GPM). Each unit comes with controls for 16 irrigation valves and is expandable to control 48 irrigation valves. Numerous reports have indicated that the systems can sometimes decrease a greenhouse’s consumption of water by more than 32% .


fertilizer injector

Each Commercial fertilizer injector machine is ideal for greenhouses that contain vegetable crops, medical marijuana plants and numerous types of flowers. Some companies have installed our equipment in nurseries that protect shrubs and small trees and help with overall tree health, as proper nutrients keep them resilient against bugs and disease. Although the machines enhance the growth of the plants, the fertigation manager and custom software can eliminate the use of excessive fertilizer that may not be necessary. Furthermore, the equipment allows a grower / manager to determine the exact amount of fertilizer that the plant utilizes.




Quality Sensors Connected to the Irrigation Machine


Each device contains flow sensors that indicate the volume of water that specific injectors are delivering, also the Ec and the Ph level of the water. The machine is also equipped with controls that examine the status of each valve that mixes the solution. By evaluating the functions of all sensors and grower inputted values, the device can automatically synchronize and calculate the right amounts of nutrients for the numerous injectors and modify the timing of the irrigation in real time. The machine features sensors that analyze the electrical conductivity of the solution, and by offering this measurement, the monitors will consistently indicate the level of fertilizer within the liquid.


Ec Water Sensors

The automated irrigation equipment is linked to set points with in the computer that can trigger an alarm if weather has affected the environment within a greenhouse. Multiple studies have shown that these rapid notifications may prevent damage that could affect crops, reduce the effects of humid weather and decrease the risk of damage that too much sun might cause. In any case you can create set points with in the software to ensure that your crop is safe and well feed even when you are not physically in the operation.


The Fertigation Manager is the Lifeline to your Crop!



Many buyers choose sensors that monitor the oxidation reduction potential (ORP), the moisture that accumulates near certain crops and the level of dissolved oxygen in the water. Climate Control Systems was the first automation company to use pneumatic injectors to inject oxygen directly into the water line as this is known to improve plant health, especially at the root level of the crop.


ORP meter




Customize Your Own Irrigation System & Equipment


Our greenhouse fertilizer injector machines features modular components that allow users to swiftly modify or expand the equipment. Our business provides upgrades for software programs once the updated versions become available, and our customer service representatives can help you to install additional components if you expand your greenhouse operation. Our experienced representatives will also respond to questions that are related to the functionality of your own customized greenhouse irrigation system.


Fertilizer Injection Machine




Managing the Machine and Evaluating the Results


Using our greenhouse automation equipment doesn’t limit you to a computer chair, you can link the machine to a smartphone or a tablet, and consequently, you may examine various measurements that are associated with the fertilizer machine and change any settings on the fly. According to multiple reports, a central greenhouse computer can reduce labour costs that are related to routine maintenance, and increase a greenhouse’s over-all production while decreasing costs.


Lower Greenhouse production costs with automation



Once installed the easy-to-use fertilizer injection machine could reduce expenses by more than 40%, and the greenhouse automation software may lessen costs that are associated with excessive fertilizer use, water that other equipment might waste and routine maintenance on the labour side of things. Due to the effective sensors, the fertilizer injection equipment also decreases the necessity of extra monitors that some greenhouses require in the way of extra controls.




Irrigating Crops on a Schedule with little Water Waste


After you install our greenhouse irrigation systems, the devices can regularly provide a predetermined volume of water and scheduled irrigation every day. By use of drip emitters and proper irrigation line, the machine will prevent the soil from becoming excessively saturated. We also keep and eye on this measurement with our soil moisture sensor, which can also be set up for wireless communication in the greenhouse to your smartphone or other devices that connect to the internet.


soil moisture sensor






Recycling the Water


When the automated fertigation systems operate, the devices will recycle all of the wastewater that the machines produce, so the components meet or exceed the guidelines of various regulatory agencies that oversee greenhouses and large farms. Due to the equipment’s capabilities, our company received recognition from the National Research Council, which is a well-known organization that examines many types of machines in Canada and we have even won some environmental awards. We see the best results when we couple our irrigation systems with our Ozone Pro water Recycling System.


Greenhouse Water Recycling Machines




Evaluating the Lifetime Value and Warranties


Once a customer chooses one of our greenhouse irrigation systems, Climate Control Systems provides a lifetime warranty for each modular component in the control panel. The parts are designed to withstand excessive humidity and especially high temperatures, and the components are exceptionally resistant to corrosion. Our machines are made of stainless steel and also can withstand the test of time, with many of our products exceeding the 50 year mark. Now that is lifetime value and return on investment.



Greenhouse Computer Control




Get Started by Contacting Us!


If you have questions about customizing your own greenhouse fertilizer injector machine that we provide, you can download the brochure from this fertigation systems page that our business has developed specifically for growers looking to increase their bottom line. We also have a full greenhouse automation images gallery that highlight the benefits of our machines.


Please reach out to us at any time to request a free estimate, and we will discuss your next greenhouse growing project together.