In the recent days, growers have been looking for new farming opportunities in a variety of crops to increase their year-end sales numbers. Many have found that crop to be medical marijuana, as the new gold rush for cannabis buds is booming mainly due to the “totally relaxed” legislation on cannabis cultivation.


All Jokes Aside, What some serious stats?

Forbes said in a recent article that the legal cannabis market was worth an estimated $7.1 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 17%. Medical marijuana sales are projected to grow from $7.1 billion in 2016 to $22 billion in 2020. That is a lot of $moola$, just imagine getting in to this market at the right time and the time is NOW! Both seasoned growers, medical doctors, and even a few lawyers are all thrown in the mix for this mad dash for marijuana cash in this exciting new growing opportunity.


Projected Sales for Cannabis Growers


It seems currently that there will not be enough growers to fill quotas as even more demand is coming as the Canadian Government is further opening up the market for recreational marijuana use as well, across the country. Adult recreational sales are estimated to jump from $2.6 billion in 2016 to $11.2 billion by 2020. Anyone that is situating themselves as a reputable Cannabis Grower early in this stage of the game is due to get paid a high return on investment for many years to come.


Now getting involved in cannabis growing isn’t exactly easy, there is a lot of legislation in order to become a licensed producer of medical marijuana. Although once operational, one great option available to both cannabis and vegetable growers alike, that has been proven to increase yields is greenhouse automation which lets you grow at precise optimal levels for all aspects of growing.


Why Should You Consider Becoming a Greenhouse Cannabis Grower?

Unlike traditional outdoor farming, cannabis growing gives you more control over elements like direct sunlight, irrigation, misting, lighting and extreme temperatures (venting) that can reduce the yields of your medical marijuana. Besides giving you control over all aspects of growing, a greenhouse protects your plants from outside intruders, pests, and can help control disease.


Are you a cannabis grower looking to increase your crop’s yields through greenhouse controls? If you are, below are some truly valuable options for greenhouse automation equipment from Growater Controls that you may want to consider as an investment in your future operations.


Growater Controls

For more than three decades, our partner, Growater Controls, has been providing expertise, greenhouse automation equipment, and cutting-edge automated greenhouse controls to cannabis growers in United State’s medical marijuana industry.

Cannabis Growers


Why Buy from Growater Controls ?

Different from all competitor’s equipment, Growater’s world class greenhouse climate control equipment is easy to use and install for the average cannabis grower. Talk with one of our engineers for your specific greenhouse specs and we can help you better control your internal growing environment. Apart from the ease of use, the systems are completely supported through WiFi because you never know where and when you will need your growing data. Therefore, you can better manage the greenhouse automation system, by remotely using your mobile phone or personal computer.


Another reason to buy from Growater Controls in USA is that the automation works round the clock to ensure your crop is safe. This improves labor costs, reduces energy costs and lowers both fertilizer and water expenses. They optimize your greenhouse climate thereby increasing your cannabis plant’s health and overall yield, which means a better crop price. Especially in the medical marijuana industry where quality is a #1 concern, greenhouse automation will help you to be more productive while reducing operational expenses.



What are Cannabis Greenhouse Controls?

These are computerized systems designed to help monitor and control factors like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, lighting and other environmental factors required to support a healthy marijuana crop. The controls give you the freedom to cultivate your marijuana plants year round and keep a keen eye on all other aspects of growing. Some of the common controls used in greenhouse cultivation include:


  • Heating controls

The heating controls are commonly used in areas with extreme temperature changes. As the name implies, these systems increase the greenhouse temperatures during a cold season, and they reduce the temperatures during a hot season.


  • Irrigation control

This is an advanced watering system designed to irrigate your plants. Depending on its configuration, the system can manage up to 20 differnent feed formulas and up to 48 irrigation vales. Moreover, some irrigation systems may be set to water your plants following a predetermined schedule or set trigger points, like if the greenhouse gets too hot.


  • Fertigation control

The fertigation control is a computerized system that works in conjunction with the irrigation system to fertilize your greenhouse’s soil in the required proportions and accuracy for specific nutrients and fertilizers for each crop you may have growing in the house. If you have many different strains of cannabis in the greenhouse, you can set up multiple formulas to irrigate each at different intervals during the day.


  • Lighting control

We all know that lighting for cannabis growth can be essential for buds to truly flourish. With new advancements in spectrum lighting, we can control and set different timing schedules to maximize plant growth.


  • Co2 control

A climate control system can include monitors and sensors that regulate your greenhouse’s climate conditions like air quality, Co2, temp and humidity to an optimum degree. The system works with multiple sensors in an IoT type setup,  located in various locations in the greenhouse that communicate back to the central greenhouse computer with custom software that automate the internal conditions for optimum growing.


Now that we have talked about some of the central aspects that we can control in a greenhouse or cannabis grower operation, lets talk about our specific Greenhouse Automation Systems custom made for our customer’s needs….


Ozone Pro systems

Just like human beings, the cannabis plant needs purified fresh water to thrive. Water transports nutrients and minerals to be absorbed by the plant roots. Therefore, your marijuana plant is likely to die or to experience a stunted growth if it does not receive the right kind of irrigation water at the right Ph levels. Just like a water recycling plant for humans, we can collect and better manage your crop’s waste water by treating and recycling this water with ozone, all while blending it with new fresh water to ensure a clean safe lifeline to your crop to increase plant health resilience.

Ozone Pro 2

The Ozone Pro Water Recycling System


Agricultural experts recommend the use of clean fresh water at all times, since contaminated water may contain salts and other bacteria. Things like a high PH level or EC and other compounds that can take a serious toll on the health of a cannabis plant after some time, let alone an entire crop!


For this reason, it would be a wise decision to invest in Ozone Pro system, a greenhouse water purification system from Growater Controls. As its name implies, this is a computerized water purification system that utilizes the CCS plasma ozone technology to sterilize wastewater before releasing it back into your irrigation line. In a closed looped system water recycling is a must.


We recommend this system to cannabis growers because it saves 30% percent on water costs, also 40% percent of fertilizer costs, and it is available in flow rates that range from 10- 1000 US GPM (Gallons Per Minute). Moreover, the system consumes less energy than others, kills 99.9% of bacteria, and it eliminates the use of any need for chemicals. In our experience other systems like UV lighting simply just Can Not keep up with the water flow in order to effectively eliminate pathogens, bacteria or diseases in the water.


The Climate Manager™

The climate manager is a computer system that measures and controls multiple climate conditions like carbon dioxide, lighting, temperature, etc. Moreover, the climate manager controls your greenhouse’s vents, fans, and boilers. Even custom events can be triggered by the software, opening up an extra watering valve for instance.


Greenhouse Climate Control Computer

The Climate Manager Greenhouse Computer & Sensors


How does the climate manager work?


The climate manager system works with multiple smart controls or sensors that are strategically located in various parts of the greenhouse. The smart controls collect crucial information and feed it to a central computer or a smartphone as the software can run on the windows platform. You can use the information to adjust various conditions to an optimum degree.


In addition to the sensors, the climate control system also has different software that let you customize the system as you wish. For instance, the systems HID lighting software lets you set up the amount of light that your cannabis crop should receive on a daily basis. The software switches off the greenhouse lights once the set level is met or the timing condition has been filled.


Another software found in the system is the hot water automation software. This software lets you set the desired temperature of water used for irrigation according to the temperature outside your greenhouse. You can also set the software to sound an alarm when the water temperature gets too high or too low.


Different from most climate control systems, this system from Growater Controls is easy to use, and it lets you control your greenhouse’s climate remotely, day and night.


The Fertigation Manager

The fertigation manager was built and designed by Climate Control Systems Inc and can be purchased through one of our dealers like GroWater Controls in the United States. This is an automated computer system with software controlling pneumatic injectors that irrigate your cannabis crop depending on feed times or a custom irrigation schedule. The system works for any size of greenhouse and we custom make each machine to your unique specifications.


Greenhouse Automation for Fetilizer Crops

The Fertigation Manager



Besides supplying irrigation systems, Growater Controls can also customize the system with additional control instrumentation, moisture sensors for instance can be added as all as other instrumentation to meet your individual irrigation needs. We recommend this system highly because it has adjustable injection rates, it is built to last, you can control the system remotely, and it can be expanded to meet the growing needs of your greenhouse. You can Contact Growater Controls today for your cannabis grower needs and start a conversation on your specific growing requirements.