Indoor cannabis grow automation technology is perhaps one of the fastest-growing industries in the cannabis world. Most large-scale medical operations need computer automated hydroponics to scale production and keeping an eye on quality control at all times.

Commercial greenhouse growers of local produce have always trusted climate control software and automated systems ever since computers were able to control the internal growing environment. Having the greenhouse regulate its own temperature and humidity with advanced software, ensures higher yields and big year-end profits.

At Climate Control Systems Inc. we have been providing automated grow systems for over 30 years. Our three flagship products include irrigation and nutrients automation, indoor climate control and ozone water recycling.

All systems can be set on a schedule with real-time monitor and control.

These in combination are a powerful force to ensure your indoor cannabis grow operation is successful, year after year.

How to reduce your cannabis growing costs?

The number of growing costs a new facility faces when they start growing is paramount. Making the right decisions early on will make or break a cannabis business. Here are some major areas to consider for your automated grow room…

  • Benches, Moving Tables, Custom Grow Cabinets
  • LED Grow Lighting
  • Irrigation and Nutrients
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Co2, Misting or Shading
  • Water Collection & Recycling


All growers know the more you automate the easier the process becomes all while reducing labour costs. You don’t have to automate the entire medical marijuana farm all at once, you can prioritize upgrades in your commercial greenhouse as you continue to scale.

All of our automation systems are designed specifically for the cannabis industry after years of careful research inside of Government study facilities. We have also partnered with tech giants Opto22 who are world leaders of smart IoT applications and are an IoT Certified Partner. We can even set up our automation software to view on any devices or smartphone.

The Birth of Cannabis Automation Systems

Medical marijuana is similar to most other weeds or plants, they require the same basic needs as other crops. Light, Air, Water, and proper nutrients. To have automation in place means you can control the elements of nature.

An automated grow system allows work to be offloaded so you can focus on other factors of growing your business.

Time is the most valuable asset to any grower.

At the core of any system, the value is being able to run elements of the greenhouse on timers. Watering, turning on fans or ventilation, crop feeding or having the lights run on a cycle are all money in the bank. Why? Having automation software means not only reducing labour costs, but huge power and energy savings for any indoor grow.

The growth factor is also a major benefit, smart growers utilize this new technology because automation helps produce a healthier plant. Plants that are more resilient are strong and can fight off more disease, producing yields longer and increasing your market value. In essence, you have a far superior product over anything else available that hasn’t been grown with an automated system.


Irrigation & Environmental Controls

Most growers know that fertigation management (irrigation & fertilizers) and internal environmental controls are the cornerstones to all healthy plants. I wanted to share some details about how each system can increase yields.

The Fertigation Manager

The Fertigation Manager gives you all measured levels of the E.C., Flow Rate, Ph, and Leachate E.C. of the return water so you know what the plant absorbed. Precise pneumatic pumps inject just the right amount of fertilizers to be blended in the water tank so it can be sent out to the plants. You can create multiple feed recipes for each strain of cannabis you grow.

The Fertigation Manager serves as the central hub of growing information. From your digital interface, the system allows you to read the level of nutrients absorbed by the plants. You can also see how many liters of water have been sent out daily to the plants and crop.


Hydroponic Irrigation Systems


The fertigation device runs on a schedule and again you can set a specific nutrient recipe for all of your cannabis plants. An advanced system like this would cost you many man-hours in labour, trying to get all the batches right. Not to mention the time it would take to get the watering done in each room by hand.

Cannabis Growing Enviroment


The Climate Manager Program

The Climate Manager controls your grow-op’s internal environment.  Heating, humidity and Co2 is accurately controlled inside the greenhouse directly to your grower set points… day and night. The environment inside the greenhouse can be dependent on the weather conditions outside the greenhouse.

The Climate Manager program takes into consideration outside weather conditions, such as solar radiation, outside temperature, rain, and wind and makes adjustments to achieve the best possible climate inside your greenhouse.

You can trust the Climate Manager to control the greenhouse micro-climate and protect the greenhouse against any harsh weather conditions.

Most field crops have disappeared because it’s much easier to control the content and quality of your cannabis crops indoors.

Better Marijuana Production and Quality Control

Search for any type of Cannabis growing article online and I would be surprised if it didn’t mention something about quality control. For instance here is a quote from


“As with any other pharmaceutical drug, medicinal cannabis needs to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it is both fit for human consumption and is delivered at the right potency to provide the medical outcomes that it is being taken for.”


So the only way you are going to be successful in this growing 100 billion dollar market is to form a quality control protocol for your plants. Here is another quote from Bill MacDonald Commercial cannabis production program at Niagara College.


“It’s a completely new ballgame when you’re growing with Health Canada,”


Some growers may not have the experience necessary as this is still a completely new market when you are talking commercial medical-grade marijuana of the highest standards. Namely Health Canada. Time is not on your side if you ever had to deal with an aphid pest infestation or powdery mildew.

Automation can help produce the types of plants that highly resistant to some of these problems and can give owners real peace of mind.

In the Pursuit of Perfection

Free time is one thing, but having a world-class cannabis product be a gold cup winner is a whole nother level completely. We have been helping growers reach that level of excellence for over 30 years.

We design and engineer greenhouse automation systems to help growers make their mark and brand their company’s name as one of the successful cannabis companies that made it into the winner’s circle.

If you are interested in getting a quote or just want to talk to one of our engineers about how to set up your next grow operation, you can reach out to us here.