Greenhouse Automation Companies to Watch in 2020

Greenhouse Automation Companies to Watch in 2020


The automation sector is full of positive growth with IoT and AI Technology leading innovations for Growers.


Automated systems help industrial greenhouse growers manage their business. Growing with controls around lighting and irrigation is now the cornerstone of all successful operations. This is nothing new to have control systems in place to save money on labor and energy.


What is new?!


The combination of smart IoT greenhouse sensors that not only allows you to control the internal greenhouse environment in real-time, but collect valuable growing data, and control all other greenhouse equipment with computer software.


Welcome to the command center of tomorrow.



How do Automated Systems help Greenhouse Operations?


Greenhouse automation companies try and provide production and quality control solutions to monitoring core aspects of growing including…

  • Climate Control
  • Irrigation & Feed Formulas
  • E.C. & P.h of irrigation line
  • Co2 levels
  • Shading or Misting
  • Grow Lights
  • Ventilation & Humidity
  • Soil Moisture Levels


To create the perfect climate for growth, this new greenhouse automation technology gives you control over both the growth of your crops and the prevention of diseases and increases crop reliance. This integration of real-time monitoring and control is at the core base of every Climate Control Systems product.


And these integrations don’t stop with just climate technology. Irrigation, lighting, CO2, and all other growth factors are considered and programmed into the software. We have already launched the next wave of products into our Company. These include new energy management and water recycling systems to have more turnkey solutions for our valued customers.


This complete process can be optimized by both grower set points and inputs, with the future holding promise for AI technology and machine learning to produce maximum yields.



North American Greenhouse Control Systems


As a team of engineers, we are focused on serving North American greenhouse growers for over 50 years now. We offer custom made fertigation machines for feed management and complete climate control equipment for large growers.


Our business has expanded into other technical equipment as well as our ozone water treatment solution. These automation solutions provide America and Canada with the control systems they need to both control costs and run a successful operation.


We have based all of our products on growing data based on a Government research contract from The Harrow Research and Development Centre and Agriculture Canada. This research allowed us to perfect our automation to the exact work environment most growers deal with on a day to day basis.


We hold 2 patents around our scientific approach to our grow automation and have figured out the right mathematical formula for fertigation and internal climate technology.



Choosing a Clear Leader for Greenhouse Automation


We now have hundreds of automation systems in place, across the globe, all helping to reduce physical labor and producing a better bottom line for all growers who are using our technology. Reducing more hours worked but still increasing overall yields is a win-win scenario.


Greenhouse Climate Control Computer


Climate Control Systems: There is a large focus on taking advantage of automated irrigation, grow lighting, and even carbon dioxide for the crops. With climate control systems, the automation needs of the greenhouse are efficiently handled. Because it is automated, everything is calculated and based on a schedule. In other words, all elements are controlled, which aids in attaining the best plant growth.




Fertigation Irrigation Greenhouse Computer

Greenhouse Fertigation Management: Those who grow cannabis will be thankful for the integration of fertigation systems, along with climate control (or manager). It allows control of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide dosing, misting, fogging, and grow lighting whenever and wherever they are required.



Greenhouse Water Recycling Machines

Ozone Water Treatment Systems: The CCS-SW80 Plasma Ozone Technology is ideal for sterilizing irrigation wastewater for greenhouse flower and vegetable crops. The Ozone Pro systems are available for water flow rates from 10 US GPM to 1000 US GPM.



Get your hands on one of our PDF brochures or reach out to the team here at Climate Control Systems Inc and our company will help you get the most out of your crop with the best the world has to offer for automation today.

Each system is custom-designed to suit your specific grower needs and water flow rate. Aside from the above features mentioned, it is important to remember that the automation systems are easy to install and use. This way, average growers can also benefit from the system.

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