How do you set up a Successful Cannabis Hydroponic Grow Room?


Caring for your new marijuana plants is going to require some investments into the perfect grow room, in the way of greenhouse automation equipment. Many factors such as lighting, humidity, temperature, water, and nutrients can all be controlled automatically using new technology.

We all know that plants need the basic things, air, water and good soil or a hydroponic medium to grow in. What most growers don’t always understand right away is the importance of quality control. Especially if you are going to get into the medical cannabis industry and have to get production passed through Health Canada.

This type of facility, requires the best systems to make sure only top quality cannabis is produced. Not to mention passing the bar, for security and getting all of your legal business information correct. We recommend working with some cannabis consultants to get that part solved, but we can certainly help you with proper grow room set up.

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Automation Operations and relieve work hours…


Automation technology can replace almost every aspect of manual work with in the greenhouse. Commercial cannabis growers can benefit greatly from automation systems that can decrease labor costs, while increasing production.

We can recommend and design full greenhouse automation systems that allows growers to leave their crop unattended for fairly long periods of time. Greenhouse computers and controls are now smart enough to know what is required for optimal plant growth, without too much human interaction. Although cultivation may still be a little ways off, growing cannabis plants with computer technology is here, today.

Grower Set Points and Automated Climate Controls


Indoor plants require extra attention when it comes to climate control. Plants demand closely regulated humidity and temperature levels to stay comfortable. Iot smart devices can be set up in the grow room to monitor all levels that are vital to the cannabis plants during the entire growth cycle.

Getting things perfect may take some tweaking, but the process of setting up your grow room system is relatively simple. Growers can use the easy to use software to create, “set-points” and safe zone ranges for the greenhouse environment to operate in.


Climate Pro Screen Shot


Controlling things like HID or LED lights, Co2 levels, fan ventilation for relieving humidity and the overall temperature of the grow operation can all be automated through computer software. Through the process of setting proper “set-points” withing the automation software, the grower can make sure that the plants are growing and thriving.

Strong healthy plants means a greater cannabis yield for you and your partners. Growing cannabis can have a steep learning curve if you are not used to the process. Having an automated system in place to take care of things, and give you peace of mind is a dream come true, as you sit back and watch your profits and marijuana grow.


Automated Fertigation Systems


Automated irrigation systems can also deliver nutrients to your crops in a method known as “fertigation”. This technology is used more commonly among commercial growers and large scale operations. It works by calculating, mixing, and feeding nutrients to plants in a very precise way. This system provides very accurate doses, uses less water consumption, and saves on manual mixing and fertilizer costs.


Fertigation Electronic Injectors Sk33


Our Fertigation manager was designed with the help of the Harrow Research Station of agriculture and is well recommended among both vegetable growers and cannabis growers. The frame is made from stainless steel and all pump products and sensors are field tested to deliver the best in growing technology.

Some growers are using UV lights to filter out bacteria from their irrigation lines, but from our studies and talking with other growers we have found that using Ozone, is far more powerful. Infact, most UV lighting systems can not keep up with commercial flow rates when it comes to irrigating a very large crop. You can read more about our Ozone Pro greenhouse water recycling system here. It will ensure your investment will stay safe from diseases.



How do you Automate a grow room with LED lights?


If you have a large area grow room and need to fill the space with LED light, we can help you automate the process. Our climate manager software allows for lights to be controlled in timed intervals so that you can focus on other aspects of the business, instead of manual labor.

There are lots of manufactures out their for LED and HID lighting and we can help build systems around them to ensure the crop is getting the optimal amount of light, at the right times and at the right lighting spectrum. Custom controls and lighting solutions is just a phone call away.

Please get in touch with one of our greenhouse engineers to discuss your next cannabis grow op project today.