A greenhouse is a wonderful investment for people that see an opportunity in growing, but it can also be hard to handle without Greenhouse management technology! It seems like commercial growers are always planning the next stage of development, buying up more acres for vegetable, flower and the new medical marijuana industry. Getting the most out of your crop would be difficult to achieve without a climate-controlled greenhouse where some form of management technology or automation is installed. This is where Climate Control Systems Inc can help, with over 35 years of experience in greenhouse environmental controls.


You must be wondering how does it work?

Well, we have made our grower approved greenhouse management software that is very simple to use!

Many greenhouses today are installed with various greenhouse environmental control boxes that help to manage certain aspects of the greenhouse environment…

such as:


  • Heating and Venting systems
  • Crop Irrigation & Fertigation
  • Co2 and Humidity Control
  • Shading and Misting Systems
  • Soil and Moisture Sensors
  • Water Recycling Systems


This allows you to constantly improve your greenhouse production and be in control of the temperatures and humidity inside the greenhouse at all times. But having a semi-automated control box is less than ideal to manage a large scale operation. The whole idea of getting some control in the greenhouse in the first place was to better manage your time, right?!


What if you had one centralized greenhouse automation computer that could completely control all aspects of your internal growing environment and create set points to help increase crop yields and lower costs all while saving the grower precious time?


The Climate Manger™ for Greenhouse Management & Controls

Greenhouse Computer for Greenhouse technology



That would sound like a perfect solution to most growers day to day tasks, correct?!

Greenhouse Management

We think so too!, Have a look at our Climate Manager PDF Brochure for maximum Greenhouse Management.


Managing your greenhouse doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of tips, books, and videos online and in stores on how to safely set-up, and manage your greenhouse through automation. Putting in greenhouse automation equipment and setting up the proper greenhouse fertigation management can ultimately save you lots of work in the future. Your greenhouse production will be able to thrive in outstanding conditions and increase crop yields for many years! Crops will grow faster and healthier by giving them fertilization and plant protection through the installation of automated systems to care for them. This new way of growing is more convenient, faster, easier, and beneficial to your crop all year round!


Listen, most of the successful growers that we talk to concentrates on plant production, need some proof? Look what commercial growers are spending their money on and tell us that greenhouse management technology is not on the move! We wrote an entire blog post about it here.


This chart sums up our findings….


What the Top 100 North American Greenhouse Growers are Investing in…

Fertigation Helps Control Costs

As you can see successful growers are investing in Greenhouse Technology to increase efficiency, reduce dependency on labour and increase profit margins.


The number #1 issue they are trying to solve is to increase the overall efficiency of the greenhouse operation.


Sounds like a job for greenhouse automation! In an article entitled Finding efficiency by Greenhouse Management Magazine they instruct growers to “Cut costs by taking simple steps to cut your operation’s energy consumption.” Further down in the article greenhouse management offers a list of the Top 10 things a greenhouse grower can do to improve energy efficiency.


Number 10 on that list is to “Tune-Up your Control Systems” year after year.



They go on to say…


In the day-to-day rush of growing plants and filling orders, it’s easy to ignore greenhouse controls that do everything from open and close louvers to provide the right amount of fertilizer to your plants. Take the time after the rush is over to inspect all controls to see if they’re properly set to factory recommendations and invest in greenhouse automation systems that work.


our solutions are both simple to operate and with all the customizable automation software you will be able to finally completely manage your greenhouse from a single computer and cut energy cuts by 30-35%.

Have a Look at the Climate Manager Greenhouse Software….

Greenhouse Automation Software


Want an even more in-depth look at our climate management software? Get in touch with one of our Greenhouse Engineers and we can schedule a demo for you. If you would like a quote on some our automation systems, you can also send in a request from our contact page for better greenhouse management.