Greenhouse Sensor Systems for Real Time Monitoring and Control

The top greenhouse growers in North America are turning to real time monitoring and automation control to increase productivity and crop yields in the greenhouse. With the birth of the new Iot (The Internet of Things) revolution and new advances in greenhouse sensor equipment, growers can precisely monitor and control all of the various parameters of the internal greenhouse environment on a non-stop basis.


This not only provide plants with a consistent growing environment to increase crop yields, but its also a great way to save money on energy and production costs.  Greenhouse Sensor Systems are here to keep quality crops on the rise without slaying resources. The old ways of farming inside the Greenhouse is not feasible, anymore as manual labour costs have sky-rocketed with the new hike on minimum wadges. Hence the need for an automated greenhouse system employing wireless communication, real time control and remote monitoring all from any smart phone or tablet.


Greenhouse automation control can help any grower get a handle on all aspects of your growing such as temperature, humidity, Co2 and we have even implemented a new wireless sensor to monitor the root zone of your plants. The wireless system communicates E.C., Moisture and temperature at the root zone of the plant or soil-less media bag. As you can see we set up an array of different types of sensors used in greenhouse to ensure your crop success.


Greenhouses require the proper environmental conditions for optimal plant growth and health. This is especially true in the new budding medical marijuana industry where crops can be lost if the mixture of temperature, humidity, and light are incorrect. Most growers in this industry have very strict policies on quality control and what they call, 110% Certified from Seed to Sale. Have a look at this video from one of the top growers in the Cannabis market and what he has to say about greenhouse remote monitoring systems and quality control…



Our Climate Manager and greenhouse wireless sensors help farmers oversee and maintain the proper mix of atmospheric conditions to ensure quality is met every step of the way. Growers can be alerted through real time monitoring should conditions fall outside of optimal ranges, allowing growers to maximize crop yields and constantly keep an steady eye on production. We have been in the greenhouse automation industry for over 35 years and we are proud to say we have helped every grower stay profitable and grow a better crop.


Look, I understand its hard to believe, blog posts written by the company that has something to sell, Can you really believe me when I say growers are implementing greenhouse control systems at an alarming rate? How about some 3rd part proof?


According to various research studies, labor costs represent about a third of the production costs in greenhouse agriculture, with energy costs as a close second. Fertilizer represents about 20% of the production costs. Together, they make up half the costs of production in an industrial greenhouse environment. If you are looking to reduce your production costs, you should first examine these three factors to see how you can reduce these expenses. It’s a bonus if the solution implemented can also increase your yields, and we believe the best way to do this is with new greenhouse technology.


Why the Top 100 Growers are Investing in Greenhouse Sensor Systems


Greenhouse Grower's Chart


Look at this data above from where they asked the Top 100 Growers in North America, what they are going to do over the next three years to hit their operational goals. #1 on the list was increase efficiency and more than 60% of them said they would help to do that by investing in Greenhouse Automation and Technology. Other operational factors came into play as well, with more than 60% of the top growers also saying they would put a plan in place to lower overall production costs and reduce dependency on labor.


At this point, you may be asking, ok… we get it running a full scale, large acre, commercial greenhouse operation can have its challenges…


So what’s Your Solution? 


Greenhouse Climate Computer


The Climate Manager Program


The Climate Manager controls your greenhouse during the cold winter and hot summer months.  Temperature, humidity and Co2 is accurately controlled inside the greenhouse directly to your grower set points… day and night. The environment inside the greenhouse is very dependent on the weather conditions outside the greenhouse.


The Climate Manager™ program takes into consideration outside weather conditions, such as solar radiation, outside temperature, rain, and  wind and makes adjustments to achieve the best possible climate inside your greenhouse.


You can trust the Climate Manager™ to control the greenhouse micro-climate and protect the greenhouse against any harsh weather conditions. The Climate Manager™ controls Temperature, Humidity, Co2, Shading, HID & LED Grow Lights, Irrigation, Misting and Fertilizer management for flowers, vegetables and cannabis crops.

Greenhouse Sensor Systems



You must be wondering how does it work?


Well, we have made our grower approved greenhouse management software that is very simple to use!


Many greenhouses today are installed with various greenhouse environmental control boxes that help to manage certain aspects of the greenhouse environment…

such as:


  • Heating and Venting systems
  • Crop Irrigation & Fertigation
  • Co2 and Humidity Control
  • Shading and Misting Systems
  • Soil and Moisture Sensors
  • Water Recycling Systems


This allows you to constantly improve your greenhouse production and be in control of the temperatures and humidity inside the greenhouse at all times. But having a semi-automated control box is less than ideal to manage a large scale operation. The whole idea of getting some control in the greenhouse in the first place was to better manage your time, right?!


What if you had one centralized greenhouse automation computer that could completely control all aspects of your internal growing environment and create set points to help increase crop yields and lower costs all while saving the grower precious time?


The Climate Manger™ for Greenhouse Automation Control & Real Time Monitoring

Greenhouse Computer for Greenhouse technology



That would sound like a perfect solution to most growers day to day tasks, correct?!

Greenhouse Management

We think so too!, Have a look at our Climate Manager PDF Brochure for maximum Greenhouse Management.


Managing your greenhouse doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of tips, books, and videos online and in stores on how to safely set-up, and manage your greenhouse through automation.


Putting in greenhouse automation equipment and setting up the proper greenhouse fertigation management can ultimately save you lots of work in the future. Your greenhouse production will be able to thrive in outstanding conditions and increase crop yields for many years!


Crops will grow faster and healthier by giving them fertilization and plant protection through the installation of automated systems to care for them. This new way of growing is more convenient, faster, easier, and beneficial to your crop all year round!


Want an even more in-depth look at our climate management software? Get in touch with one of our Greenhouse Engineers and we can schedule a demo for you. If you would like a quote on some our automation systems, you can also send in a request from our contact page for better greenhouse management.



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